"The Kids Are Alright" With 'Ugly Betty' Tonight
"The Kids Are Alright" With 'Ugly Betty' Tonight
Tonight on Ugly Betty, we’ll get to see the last episode before next week’s season finale, which the cast and crew have already promised to be one explosive episode.  Episode 2.17, entitled “The Kids Are Alright,” will air tonight at 8pm, and will bring us back one very familiar face into the picture.  Before we move on to some preview clips, though, let’s talk about the recently reported move to New York, which has become quite a hassle for a number of Ugly Betty cast and production staff.  In fact, Ugly Betty News reports that one unnamed cast member that’s reluctant about the move, and many were quick to assume that it was Eric Mabius, who plays Daniel Meade in the series.  TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, on the other hand, confirms that Mabius will continue working with Ugly Betty for its third season. Moreover, he gave us a little hint on who’s taking the New York move news quite badly.

“Mabius will definitely be making the trek.  Can’t say the same for one of his co-stars.  This unnamed individual, who just purchased a new home in L.A., is showing some resistance to the move,” Ausiello reports.  “As a result, this series regular may only make occasional guest appearances next season.  Meanwhile, another Betty thesp is using the coast-hop as leverage for more money — and it’s the last person you’d think.”

Meanwhile, Silvio Horta recently spoke about some current issues about Ugly Betty such as their refocusing of the show to the central character, the New York move and the show’s third season.

As for the move, Horta says that the cast and crew are “all excited, some more than others” and most especially, “People who have families — it’s a little more difficult. But by and large, they’re excited about it.”

The season finale of Ugly Betty’s season 2 is coming up next week, and Silvio Horta that it will definitely see Betty in a tough decision making spot, which reflects what Christopher Gorham said on his visit to Martha’s show.

“Betty’s got a choice to make. I can’t say which [romantic interest] is or isn’t going to be coming back,” Horta says.  As for Lindsay Lohan’s character, who is said to come back for a few more episodes on season 3, he says that the two will “run into each other” and form something like a friendship, “but things are going to go a little bit awry.”

Check out this hot sneak peek which will definitely put Betty on the spot.

As for Rebecca Romijn’s Alexis, Horta says that “Rebecca is wonderful.  [But] there were so many episodes where we had so little for her to do.  When we used her, we wanted to make sure we really used her and she was not someone who was just there.  [Alexis] is not dying.  She’ll be around and hopefully as long as the show is around.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Meade will get into lots of trouble in the last two episodes, as Horta explains.

“Daniel almost can’t help himself — almost without Wilhemina’s help, he gets himself into trouble.  He’s so afraid of her taking over that he’s his own worst enemy,” he said.  Panic, much?  It seems that Daniel is desperate to do anything to save Mode from Wilhemina’s evil schemes.

“He’s going to have a shocker of a reveal [in the finale] and it’s going to end up playing into Wilhemina’s hand.  It’s going to inform what he’s going to be doing next season,” Horta added.  Check out the sneak peek below to see Wilhemina’s dashing return to Mode.

Catch Ugly Betty tonight at 8pm on ABC for Episode 2.17, “The Kids are Alright.”

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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