Is Lindsay Lohan on Her Way to 'Ugly Betty'?
Is Lindsay Lohan on Her Way to 'Ugly Betty'?
First there was Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, now, could it be Lindsay Lohan?  Last month, we reported on the chaos and mayhem which the Beckham brood, particularly David and Victoria's three children, brought to the set of Ugly Betty.  The former Spice Girl and current full-time wife of England's football hero was filming her guest stint on the popular sitcom with kids Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz in tow.  Now we have unconfirmed reports that the next big-name star that could make an appearance on the series is troubled but talented Lindsay Lohan.

And speaking of Victoria Beckham, we have spoiler details on her episode, “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding,” which airs tonight.

First, back to the news regarding Lohan's rumored turn on Ugly Betty.  According to TV Squad, unnamed sources on the set of the America Ferrera-led show have spilled that Lohan's representatives have been in talks with the series for a possible three-episode arc involving her.  Lohan would allegedly play the assistant manager of the fast food joint which currently employs Betty's father.  In the said storyline, Lohan's character is an ex-high school beauty queen who's been forced into her job since coming upon hard times.  Ugly Betty feels for her plight and decides to find her more suitable employment at Mode.

While there remains no official word form Lohan's camp as to whether there is any truth to such reports of her appearing on Ugly Betty, what we can be sure of is that Victoria Beckham's Ugly Betty installment will be on tonight.  Read on for some spoilers for “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding.”

In spoilers to tonight's Ugly Betty, it's Wilhelmina's big day.  She's about to walk down the aisle with the head honcho of Meade Publications.  But before they can exchange “I dos,” Wilhelmina must first show who's the star of this show when she realizes that her maid of honor, Victoria Beckham as herself, is stealing the limelight.

Elsewhere, Betty is consumed with guilt about her secret arrangement with the bride and about keeping mum to Daniel about his soon-to-be-stepmom's own clandestine liaison with her bodyguard, played by Vanessa Williams' own real-life ex-husband, Rick Fox.  In still more complications, at the Suarez residence, Betty's dad is all psyched to get his U.S. citizenship, but when Betty moves in with new flame, Henry, her decision puts a big strain on their relationship.

Catch “A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding” on Ugly Betty, tonight at 8 on ABC.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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