Hints Released for 'Ugly Betty' Season 3
Hints Released for 'Ugly Betty' Season 3
Michael Ausiello of E! Online scoured the networks for news on small screen favorites, and has revealed some minor spoilers regarding ABC’s Ugly Betty.  Recently, the series began its third season and will air “Filing with the Enemy” tonight.  Following that, the fans are already bustling with questions regarding their beloved characters, and Ausiello managed to pacify their longing for bits of Betty

It’s possible that what was released can be deemed spoilers, but the fans have raised their curiosity towards the shows that it’s hard to hold back.  Ausiello has talked about House, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and even 24.  But the buzz is on Ugly Betty, and there’s no doubt that many would enjoy the news brought by the insider.

The first question that Ausiello was asked about concerned the executive status of Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius).  Whether or not Daniel will be the editor-in-chief of Mode once more, the spoiler sleuth has this to say: “I think there’s a really good chance he’ll officially reclaim his perch atop Mode’s masthead by episode 3.” 

Getting on the romance side of the show, a fan named Todd wondered what happened to Ugly Betty’s Marc and Cliff.  Played by Michael Urie and David Blue respectively, the characters began dating in season two and ventured into the public at Wilhelmina’s wedding. 

Ausiello assured the fans that the couple is still together.  “They have one of those special TV relationships that take place primarily off screen (see also: Chase and Cameron on House).  But as David Blue (Cliff) told me at Ugly Betty's New York premiere a few weeks back, the MIA couple will get some long overdue face time very soon.” 

In addition to that, there has been news that creator Silvio Horta has planned on developing Marc’s character even more.  This, of course, will involve the photographer Cliff, which would make their relationship more interesting.

“We have a couple of episodes we want to start using him again.  We really want to use him and see him with Marc when we devote more than a couple of lines to him in the background.  David Blue is great and I love that character and the writers and the audience love him.  We want to play out that relationship in a real way.  We want to push things again and see how far we can go with the two of them,” said Horta. 

The last of the issues addressed by Michael Ausiello is the retreat that Mode is getting involved in.  It’s anyone’s guess where the group is going, but Ausiello makes one thing certain.  “I’m getting word that Mode is hosting a company-wide, off-site retreat in November that has “Emmy bait” written all over it.” 

Next on Ugly Betty, we will see Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) preparing for her first issue as editor.  Betty (America Ferrera) then faces the offer of being her assistant.  “Filing with the Enemy” airs tonight at 8pm on ABC.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, Uglybettynews.com, TV.com
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