Golden Globes Round-Up: Ugly Betty Wins Big
Golden Globes Round-Up:  Ugly Betty Wins Big
The Golden Globes aired last night and, unfortunately, it was on at the same time as 24. In case you weren't already aware, 24 and Jack Bauer will always take precedent over an awards show. And I like awards shows. The show went on, however, and some surprising results trickled in. Not all of which I agree with, but interesting nonetheless. The Golden Globes go the somewhat mystifying route of including miniseries and TV movies in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories. This means that last night, Jeremy Piven (who deserved to win) lost the Supporting Actor award to Jeremy Irons, who starred in a period piece. Having Entourage go up against Elizabeth I in any category just seems silly. Anyway, here are the big winners.
2007 Golden Globe Television Winners
Best Actress - Drama Kyra Sedgwick - The Closer Best Actor - Drama Hugh Laurie - House Best Actress - Comedy America Ferrera - Ugly Betty Best Drama Grey's Anatomy Best Comedy Ugly Betty Ugly Betty, who would've thunk it? The hit new show from Salma Hayek took down the top comedy award last night and its star, America Ferrara, beat out tough competition to win the Best Actress in a Comedy award. Impressive stuff. Now, I am not an avid watcher of Ugly Betty, so I can't really argue against her winning. Ugly Betty winning Best Comedy is another story. The Office is the best comedy on television, and it's madness that Ugly Betty beat it out. Madness. Grey's Anatomy is deserving of Best Drama, and it's nice to see the show get its due. Hugh Laurie and Kyra Sedgwick are always critical darlings and there was no surprise in either of their victories. Oh, and NBC, please don't schedule the Golden Globes against 24 next year. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer