Freddy Rodriguez Joins Cast of 'Ugly Betty'
Betty Suarez may be considered one of the most unappealing employees of Mode Magazine, but she sure has a very colorful love life.

In the first season of Ugly Betty, the smart but style-challenged assistant of Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius) found herself in a sticky situation when she began developing feelings for a co-worker, despite already being committed to someone else.  Although both relationships failed to make it past the first season, fans can rest assured that Betty (America Ferrera) will not be lonely when the show returns for another run.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Freddy Rodriguez will appear on the second season of Ugly Betty as Giovanni, a sandwich cart operator for the Mode offices who becomes interested in the show’s heroine.  Like Betty, Gio is from a blue-collar background but has plans of achieving greater things.

The role will mark Freddy Rodriguez’ return to television as a series regular. His most recent lead role in the small screen was undertaker Federico Diaz on the critically-acclaimed series, Six Feet Under.  His work on the HBO drama series earned him a 2002 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

His other recent acting credits include Planet Terror, ER, Bobby, Lady in the Water, Poseidon and Scrubs.

What Freddy Rodriguez’ inclusion in Ugly Betty will mean for Betty and her previous love interest, Henry (Christopher Gorham), is still uncertain.  In the first season, Betty had to overcome several obstacles before she and Henry, one of Meade publications’ accountants, could finally get together.  However, prior to what would have been their official first date, Henry’s ex-girlfriend, Charlie (Jayma Mays), showed up at Betty’s door, claiming she was pregnant.

Both noble by nature, Betty and Henry decided to part ways, with Henry heading back to Tucson with Charlie.  However, it was later revealed that Charlie was cheating on Henry, presenting not only the possibility that the baby is not Henry’s, but also another chance for Betty’s relationship with Henry to blossom.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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