Exclusive Interview: Bailey Chase, of Ugly Betty
Exclusive Interview: Bailey Chase, of Ugly Betty
Bailey Chase plays "Becks" on ABC's hit show Ugly Betty and was kind enough to stop by and talk with us last week about his time on the show and what he has coming up in the future.  Bailey has appeared on a number of TV shows, including Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI, and Las Vegas

Check out both the written transcript and the full audio of our interview with Bailey below.

BuddyTV: So you went to college at Duke, you got a degree in psychology, then you went to LA.  What made you want to go to LA?  Was being an actor something you’d always kind of dreamed of?

Bailey:  You know it was, yeah exactly, more of a boyhood dream.  Growing up down in Florida just playing sports and what not, and then I went to Duke on a football scholarship.  And I kind of realized pretty quickly that the NFL was not in the cards for me so then I just kind of fell back on that boyhood dream of being an actor.  I was a big fan of Clint Eastwood growing up and that’s really what led me to it.

Can you talk a little bit about how you sort of broke into the business?  I saw you trained with The Groundlings for a while.  You know, how did it all happen, how did you get in?

You know I didn’t study any acting until I got out to LA and basically I got into my first acting class over at a place called Howard Fine and that was really good, what they call method and it really teaches you how to become a character and if you need to affect a certain accent or a walk or anything like that, you get this behavior into your body and over time between that and using your imagination it helps you become another person, at least that’s the idea of it, that’s what I try to do any way.

You’ve been on a number of different TV shows, you know, all different sorts of genres - soaps, drama, comedy - what would you say is both your favorite and the most difficult to work in?

I think it varies from job to job.  For example on Ugly Betty, yes it’s obviously a comedy and it’s 180 degrees from some other characters that I’ve done in the past and one that I’m getting ready to do, we’re starting back up next week on a new show.  But it’s all about the writing, and who you’re working with and you just kind of need to jump and not think about it.  Especially with comedy, comedy is very important and you just kind of got to get out of the way and that’s something that I’ve been able to do on Ugly Betty and I’ve had a great time working on that show and a lot of it has to do basically with the writing and the rest of the cast.

Can you talk about how you got your role on Ugly Betty and were you familiar with the show beforehand?

I hadn’t seen the show.  Obviously I’d heard of it.  I just went on an audition, it was all kind of last minute and I’d just come back from Canada from doing a pilot for another show so maybe I was kind of high from that and feeling pretty good about myself and just kind of went in there with that attitude and had fun with it.  And Becks is very over the top; he’s a total dog, you know.  If you take all men, basically all of us have a little bit of that in us and they just found a little bit in me and they totally exploited that and it’s been kind of fun anyway.

I know you’re in a new upcoming episode.  Can you talk a little bit about what’s going to be happening with Becks in that episode and just in the episode in general?

Yeah, unfortunately, the production schedules are conflicting right now between that and this new series called Saving Grace that I just started and I wasn’t able to make all the days on the Ugly Betty shoot so they had to trim some of it out.  But I’ve got a couple of good scenes in there, I haven’t seen it yet but I think they’ll be funny.  In terms of the future with Becks and Ugly Betty, you know, who knows, our seasons for the most part, they’re separate and I guess it’s possible that he could come back next season.

Can you talk a little bit about this Saving Grace show, and what it’s all about and when it’s going to premiere?

Of course, Saving Grace, it’s a drama, it’s on TNT, it’s going to start airing in July.  We shoot it out in LA but it’s set in Oklahoma City.  It revolves around a few main cops, we’re homicide detectives, there’s also an angel character in the show and a guy who is on death row.  It just tackles a lot of real life issues, especially being set in the south and religious aspects and then we’ll have a crime of the week and it’s all just dealt with in a very candid way.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)