'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Preview Guide: The Search for the Cure Begins
'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Preview Guide: The Search for the Cure Begins
Teen Wolf introduced a typical yet socially challenged high school student named Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) whose normal life suddenly flipped around when he got bitten by a werewolf. Shortly after the fateful attack, Scott noticed some inexplicable improvements in his being, which got him on the lacrosse team and made him more attractive in Allison Argent's (Crystal Reed) eyes.

Season 1 followed Scott's futile attempt to live his life as normally as he could, concealing his new-found identity from everyone but his trusted best friend Stiles Stilinksi (Dylan O'Brien) and another werewolf, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). They took a lot of time finding a werewolf known as the Alpha, Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), because he was apparently the one responsible for Scott's unsolicited transformation and therefore the ultimate cure. In a dramatic turn of events, Scott and Derek found themselves fighting for their lives against the incapacitated Alpha. Thanks to Stiles and Jackson (Colton Haynes). But just before Scott could get himself cured by killing it, Derek cut Peter's throat and became the new Alpha.

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But the big question is: will Scott ever get himself cured now that Peter's dead? Does he have to kill Derek, the new Alpha, to break the curse? We will probably soon find out on Teen Wolf season 2.

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What to expect from Teen Wolf season 2:

The MTV hit series returns with a new season that's fully packed with great plots and fan-pleasing arcs.

As a starter, Stiles is rumored to get a little romance in Teen Wolf season 2. Dylan O'Brien, who plays Stiles, spilled that his character's budding relationship with Lydia (Holland Roden) may be thwarted by someone new. "He's got this whole Lydia thing that he wanted, but I think it changes a little bit. I don't know, there may be somebody else," he hinted.

There will also be a female werewolf this coming season but it might not be Lydia. Teen Wolf's executive producer Jeff Davis has promised a female werewolf transformation. Who could it be?

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And then there's the big question. Scott obviously wants to be normal despite losing his only known cure, which is to kill the Alpha by his own hands. "Scott's still hoping to find a way to get rid of the curse," Davis explained. Will Scott ever return to his old self?

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Prepare for a more thrilling, darker and scarier Teen Wolf when it returns on a special premiere on MTV this coming June 3 at 11pm, right after the MTV Movie Awards. It will be aired on its regular time slot during Mondays starting June 4 at 10pm.

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