[Video] 'Twisted' Sneak Peek: Cast Calls Return 'Insane' and an 'Entirely New Show'
[Video] 'Twisted' Sneak Peek: Cast Calls Return 'Insane' and an 'Entirely New Show'
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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ABC Family's hit show Twisted is back! Danny is on the run, Vikram is alive and all hell is going to break loose.

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When we last saw the characters of Twisted new evidence blew Karen's confession right out of the water. It also pointed the murder finger directly at Danny. He of course took off to prove his innocence. Rico spilled his true feelings to Jo, who only thinks of him as a friend. Tess made a call to the presumed dead Vikram and Lacey realizes Phoebe just might hold a key to Regina's mysterious past. 
For those of you not wanting any spoilers, you might want to stop reading now and definitely do not watch the video. There are a few things we know about episode 14, "Home is Where the Heart Is," and it is too good to keep to ourselves. If you are a fan and can't wait then there is sneak peek video featuring the cast that you are not going to want to miss. 

The winter premiere of ABC Family's Twisted picks up directly where the summer finale ended. The main focus of the premiere will be where is Danny? He will reach out to Jo but she will turn her back on him. Despite wanting to shut Danny out, Lacey thinks she sees him walking on the street. Her reaction when it isn't him, is priceless. 

The three main cast members recently talked about the hit show and what fans can expect from not only the premiere, "Home Is Where the Hurt Is," but also the second half of season one. Maddie Hasson, who plays Jo, describes the winter premiere as a 180, "everything kind of gets flipped on its head." Avon Jogia, who plays Danny, says "Everyone you think you trusted is now maybe not as trust worthy." And finally Kylie Bunbury tells fans "a lot of questions are answered in the first two episodes." See a what else this talented group of actors had to say about the show and see some pretty cool sneak peeks in the below video. 

Will Regina's killer be revealed? Will fans finally learn what really happened with Danny's Aunt Tara? Will Vikram be forced to return to the land of the living? Those are just a few questions that keep Twisted fans on the edge of their seat. If you have seen the new promo for the show you know that a lot is to happen in the last half of season one. Can it really top the amazing first half? I sure hope so. 

Twisted airs on ABC Family Tuesdays at 9pm. 

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