'Twisted' Recap: Party Aftermath
'Twisted' Recap: Party Aftermath
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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Twisted continues to master the dark comedy genre this week, weaving Murder, She Wrote jokes and Heathers nods into the fabric of its mysterious plot. Jo, Danny and Rico keep the dialogue quick and breezy, while Karen Desai and Kyle Masterson boost the intensity, defending their offspring and shouting over pinot noir at the Desai residence. Punches are thrown, evidence is destroyed and, of course, a few tears are shed during tonight's episode, "Grief is a Five Letter Word." But are they the real deal, or are they crocodile tears? That's one of many questions in this increasingly complicated story.

The Price of Fame

The show opens with a funeral scene, where Lacey's in the spotlight she never wanted. Regal and poised as ever, Lacey reviews Regina's qualities with humor, honesty and compassion during the eulogy, and the speech inspires Jo's praise after the mass. Twisted is clearly setting the stage for a Danny-Jo-Lacey friendship reunion tour, but not without presenting a few hurdles first. 

Lacey's sticking with Archie and Sarita for now, trying to use her clique to cope with the loss of Regina, who (just to recap) was murdered after last week's massive house party. Lacey needs to be with people who really knew and loved Regina. The rest of the school is buzzing with gossip and false grief, which prickles Lacey, even if Regina did always want to be famous and probably would've loved the attention. Regina's frenemy Phoebe is the worst offender, crying to TV reporters that Regina's death is like the loss of a spleen. Lacey is disgusted.

Meanwhile, Jo and Danny continue to revive their childhood friendship, with Danny keeping things light (a little too light for someone suspected of serial murders). He asks Jo to explain the Kardashian family to him. Apparently, Glee was part of his juvie punishment, but Keeping Up with the Kardashians wasn't; that must be reserved for adult prison.

Green Grove Doesn't Know Danny

It's only taken one episode for Danny to re-enter Jo's heart, but her dad isn't so easily won over. It's Kyle Masterson's job as police chief to investigate Regina's murder, and on a personal level, he's obviously concerned that his daughter's bonding with the top suspect. Jo insists that she knows Danny better than Kyle does, but Kyle sets her straight by insisting, "You don't know him at all." Danny murdered his own aunt and spent five years in juvenile detention. If Jo ever really knew Danny, Kyle insists that she doesn't anymore. Prison changes people.

Danny agrees that at least some people don't know him. When soccer captain (and Lacey's boyfriend) Archie picks a fight with Danny in the cafeteria, Danny fights back, laying down some cliches about the high school jock who never leaves town, growing old, fat, bald and pathetic as the years pass by. "Either you're going to prison or you're pumping gas for the rest of your life," Danny snaps. The two make clear, "You don't know me," then go about introducing themselves with their fists. Well, at least Regina's dream of a stud-off between Socio and Soccer Captain comes true! It's good to see a dying wish fulfilled. 

Talk It Out
Danny is assigned a school psychologist after the fight, while Archie is forced to attend Phoebe's grief counseling session. (I think Archie got the short end of the stick there.) Phoebe has organized the session with a "prominent local grief specialist," who turns out to be a hippy community college grad with some tragicomic thoughts on grief ("five letters, three consonants, two vowels"). Phoebe may be using the situation to pad her resume, but she truly has some grief to sort through over Regina's death, too. She finds that Lacey is a better counselor than the prominent local specialist, though, and the two former friends reconnect by remembering Regina. 

While the kids are working through their issues, Karen Desai is getting weird with the school principal in his office, bribing him with romantic favors to keep Danny in school even though Danny clearly bleeds red flags and ruby necklaces. Karen accepts a kiss and a massage but draws the line at letting the administrator brush her hair with an antique hairbrush. (He gives the brush a nice, big sniff anyway. This show!) Karen's always ready for her closeup, always on, but she doesn't have the poker face of her son, according to Kyle Masterson. When the police chief grills Karen about the red necklace that Regina lost and Danny's aunt used to own, Karen claims she's never seen it, but Kyle isn't buying that.

Private I Spy 

Jo organizes a dinner party with Tess Masterson, Karen Desai and Danny, hoping that if the moms and their kids get together over some spaghetti and old stories, the families will bond and their relationships will begin to approach normalcy. Rico's invited, too, because he's adorable. Kyle isn't welcome but invites himself anyway because Danny's a suspect and his house is filled with clues! He comes bearing pinot noir, at least. 

Kyle excuses himself to the bathroom and gets "lost" along the way, finding himself in Danny's bedroom instead. The "mistake" works to Danny's creepy advantage. While Kyle snoops through the wrong room, Danny hides a family photo of his late aunt wearing the same necklace Regina lost the night she was murdered. 

The photo escapes Kyle, but not Tess. She thinks it's strange that she saw the photo at the beginning of the dinner but not at the end. Kyle thinks that's odd, too. Danny's one step ahead of them, though. In the final scene, Danny is hunched in the fort that he, Jo and Lacey used to frequent when they were 11, playing in the woods and building bonfires. He burns the photo and almost smashes the necklace, but he can't quite bring himself to do it -- a choice that will surely come to haunt him as time passes.

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