'Twisted' Recap: Manipulators Multiplied
'Twisted' Recap: Manipulators Multiplied
Emily E. Steck
Emily E. Steck
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In this week's episode of Twisted, Jo and Charlie go on a date, Danny continues his transformation into paranoid lame-o and Lacey and Whitney hit the clubs.

Here's a problem I have with soap operas: everyone trusts people at the wrong time. The same goes for life, but it's multiplied on soap operas. Everyone is consistently dumb. They trust the liars and manipulators instead of the people they love most. They cannot see when strangers manipulate them, then actively ignore the advice of everyone around them. 

What's interesting about Twisted is that its pilot and premise shows all of this. It establishes everything about the trio between Danny and Jo and Lacey to be about trust. Can you trust the person you knew as a kid to be the same? Or can you trust them to change? Is Danny manipulating Jo and Lacey into being his friend again? Is Lacey rightfully following her friends' advice to stay away from Danny? Is Jo wrongfully ignoring all the pleas from her family saying that he is a bad guy? That was the premise of the show.

Now, it's notably more complicated. Danny's burned bridges with Jo and Lacey as a new person has come in to take his place. And everyone's opinion has shifted. Jo has zero faith in Danny, Lacey is fed up with Danny's paranoia and Danny is at his lowest point. 

Whitney and the City

So far, I have gathered Whitney is the surrogate for Regina Crane, but with lesbian vibes for Lacey? It's either that, or the show just really wants to push their friendship at us. (But why would we need this friendship when we have Sarita?) Whitney makes fast friends, but apparently too quickly. 

Lacey is in a Danny related funk, so Whitney invites her to a club in NYC, where they get free drinks for being hot. I can attest that this is a true thing that happens. Not that I'm "hot" or anything, but other friends in clubs are definitely attractive. 

Whitney and Lacey are getting hit on by Wall Street creeps. And Lacey blows it by saying she's in high school. Of course, Whitney steals the guy's phone and calls his wife, which I did not expect. Lacey claims it is mean, but I completely disagree. Help your fellow girls out! Whitney is a handful, but I love her energy. 

That energy, by the way, happens to contain lesbian vibes since Whitney just kissed Lacey. This should be something. Interesting? Maybe. But it's something. Goodness, give Lacey a better storyline.

Melodrama, Meet Danny Desai

Danny is outrageously melodramatic as of late (example A: last week's scene), so he naturally jumps to confront Charlie. Charlie's been talking sh** about life in juvie to Jo, which she eats up so well. Charlie is a decent manipulator. Jo is very good at being manipulated. 

Later, Danny and Jo argue very loudly in the middle of the street about how Danny killed his dad that one time. It probably would have been easier to just send a Gossip Girl blast because of course someone else finds out. This time, it is Charlie, who promises not to say anything. 

Jo banishes Danny so she can go on a date with Charlie. At the fair, Charlie reveals he went to juvie because he had stole a car. He then went to a neglectful foster home (potential crossover opportunity!). Danny finds Charlie suspicious, because yeah, and searches through Charlie's stuff to find his lost photo of the trio. So he sends him a photo text of Danny with the stolen photo of the trio. I laughed so hard at that. 

After the date, Charlie and Danny square off. Danny shouldn't have played all of his cards at once because Charlie has a better hand: he knows Danny killed his daddy and he appropriately threatens to tell the truth about Danny to the police. Danny seems oddly pleased about all of this, as if his crazy radar is more focused now that it's on someone else. 

Charlie runs back to tell Jo parts of the truth. Like how he lives at the stables and came to whatever-the-stupid-name-of-this-town-is because Danny spoke so highly of it. He's interrupted by Jo's tongue down his throat. Awww? 

I don't get why Jo is so desperate to trust and not trust people. She's so rash in her decisions. Does she like this week's love interest? Does she not? It feels real-ish, but come on. 


Kyle steals a discarded soda bottle to compare Jack's DNA to the one found on Vikram's car. Karen confronts him later, because remember how she never did that? However, Jack is very surprised to learn of this development.  

Tess continues the search for the child she gave up, mending fences with Karen. Tess is very tall. I never noticed that before. Tess also looks very worn down, but manages to keep perfectly wavy hair. This is what I notice because I could care less about this storyline. Back to the plot. Tess is looking for the adoption papers, which Karen is in possession of. 

Other Thoughts

-- I miss Sarita and her unfriendly bitchiness.

-- Rico just wants to date Andie, but he is dating student council. Or Andie is dating someone else as well. It turns out that Andie is just nervous about sex and being a virgin.

-- "Food trucks mean sex?"

What did you think of this week's Twisted? Do you want Lacey to have a better storyline? Are you sick of the manipulator trope in soap operas? Why can't people just trust their love ones? Wouldn't that make for better drama? Are you over Danny's melodrama? Sound off below. 

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC Family.  

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