'Twisted' Recap: Creative Risks and Cautionary Tales
'Twisted' Recap: Creative Risks and Cautionary Tales
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week's Twisted has Danny acting out a teen drinking PSA, but it's no after-school special. The series continues to show off its witty dialogue and dark edge, complete with webs of deception and some moral heartbeat between twists and turns.

Jo Joins In

The kids at Green Grove High act out cautionary tales about drinking and driving for a school assembly this week, and unexpectedly, Jo decides to get in on the action. It's a little unusual considering a) Jo gets driven to school by a very attentive parent, b) she seems to have gotten drunk only once in her life, c) she isn't much of a joiner naturally and d) she's got a nightly date with Rico, a diner booth and a textbook. 

Jo's all about helping Danny readjust, though, and to do that, he's got to get out a little more and let his fellow students warm up to him. It's hard to do that from inside a diner booth, of course, and that's where Danny's present clique likes to exist. So Jo breaks out a little. Despite Sarita's discouragement, Jo proves that she is not a "mole person" and joins an anti-drinking skit along with Danny. Jo's addition to the team gets Sarita moved to the AV team, which seems cool in the moment but naturally has unfortunate repercussions later on. 

In the meantime, Danny and Jo rewrite the cheesy script and replace it with something honest and heart-felt from Danny, which inspires Lacey to join her friends in the skit. The three pals haven't performed together since their fourth grade play about photosynthesis (in which Jo played a leaf, Danny was the sun and Lacey played a rain drop -- cute!). The new script gives Danny the chance to ask his peers for forgiveness. Lacey and Jo stand beside him in a meaningful demonstration of unity.  

The Usual Cruelty

The trio's skit about mistakes and redemption has a strong message. Unfortunately, it's quickly overshadowed by Sarita's video, which uses candid footage of rambling, drunken Jo during one of her rare party attendances. In the world of Twisted, which revolves around murder and psychopathy, Sarita's crime is pretty mundane, but it's still hard to watch. "Loser"  is spelled out in bright letters around the video, much to the school's cruel entertainment. 

Jo brushes it off like a champ, though, admitting that she actually kind of liked the party, even if she got burned a little with the evidence. The embarrassment stings, but she can take it. And although she realizes that teen drinking is dangerous, she also knows that hiding away at the diner isn't giving her much of a life. 

In the Garage 

While the kids act out their revenge and redemption in the auditorium, Kyle Masterson continues to investigate the link between Regina and Aunt Tara's missing necklace. The police chief knows that someone moved a family photo from the Desai home during last week's dinner party, and he looks through old realty photos trying to find the missing photo. 

He's so caught up in work that he fails to help his wife clean their garage (which she's turning into a pottery studio). But as Jo is learning this week, the work-play balance is essential in life, so when he eventually gets around to helping Tess with the garage, he's rewarded with family appreciation and an essential piece of evidence. While leafing through old pictures of the kids -- during kinder, more innocent times -- he finds a picture of Aunt Tara wearing the same necklace Regina lost the night she died. The evidence was under his own roof all along. 

And back in the diner booth, Jo and Rico (who haven't given up their seats despite Jo's new-found confidence) sift through some clues of their own. Rico's crazy lab partner has stories of heartbreak that reveal that Archie isn't as truthful as everyone thinks he is. Why did he borrow Scott's car on the night of Regina's death? Does that hold a candle to the necklace evidence against Danny? And aside from the necklace (and possibly Danny), how is Aunt Tara's death connected to Regina's? The mystery continues to unfold.

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