'Twisted' Recap: A New Status Quo
'Twisted' Recap: A New Status Quo
Emily E. Steck
Emily E. Steck
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Twisted tries to go back to a status quo or to find a new one in this week's episode, but things are too twisted to ever get back to normal for Danny and Jo. Also, there is an obligatory high school dance.

Danny walks through the school, swagging and swinging his ponytail, but instead of the regular "socio" whisper, he is welcomed back with open arms. Err, at least apologies, since everyone knows Danny did not kill Regina. Just his dad, probably? I kind of don't buy at all that the school would be cool with this. In fact, they'd probably just give him crap because his dad is a person of interest on the case. It's one of the only high school notes that rings wrong.

See, Danny's trying for normal, like all good teen protagonists, but Danny's problem is that he loves secrets. His latest? Lacey's serial stalker/love interest Charlie is his former bunkmate in juvie.Twisted wastes no time. Oh, and Archie and Scott have been expelled to another teen show ... I mean, school. Bye, guys!

Let's Get Back to the Status Quo

Charlie and Danny have a secret chit chat in an empty room, probably to compare good hair tips. Let me in on your secrets, gentleman. I promise that's one secret I'll never tell. Whoops! I'm mixing my Kristen Bell series. Or her teen detective inspired series. Danny and Charlie pretend not to know one another at school since they are so good at keeping secrets. 

Elsewhere, the stylist on the show really likes hats for Lacey and Jo. It must be to symbolize their new best friend-dom! Lacey, having lost a bunch of her friends this half of the season (budget stuff probably), is totally devoted to being BFF with Jo. Awwww. 

Things are getting back to normal, the perfect dream of a never reality for a lot of our characters. But alas, Rico's even practicing asking Jo out! But Jo's beat him to the punch by arranging them to be on the homecoming committee, making Rico happy. If there is one thing I really love about Twisted, it's Rico. Rico being happy is just extra icing. If there is one thing I really hate about Twisted, it's the hashtags. We've already discussed this. 

At Danny's soccer practice, Danny fesses up to Rico asking Jo out. Jo pushes Danny to ask Lacey out so Lacey and Danny can be happy. The two fight, trying to get back to a status quo that doesn't exist anymore, accusing each other of wanting to stay miserable. Translation: Danny and Jo are addicted to angst, even if they don't know it. Sure, killing a guy is angsty as it gets, but stop moping. It's not fun to watch. 

Speaking of not fun to watch, let's talk about Charlie. Charlie, with his manipulation and stalker tendencies. After being there for a whole three days, Charlie asks Danny if he can ask Lacey out. Danny says, uh, no. I'm treating her like crap right now as I explore my issues! 

Charlie ignores this and tries to manipulate Lacey to go out with him again. To her credit, Lacey sidesteps this by flat-out texting Danny to have a conversation. Lacey is really lovable in this scene -- no, this episode. She's at first mad at Danny for asking her to homecoming when that's all she ever wanted and then ecstatic because she's in love and then pleased she gets her way. Lacey is the episode's MVP.

Homecoming is Too Welcoming

Rico has an admirer! That sweet Mathelete with the hopeless crush. Jo wants to play matchmaker, but she's weirdly aggressive about this setup, pushing Rico for him to be with someone else when she just led him on in the last episode. Honestly, Rico and Jo probably have the most interesting relationship on this show right now. It's hitting all the beats of one-sided love in friendship, while also hitting on Jo's guilt of having a normal life after "killing Vikram." I sort of wish they never went this route, because I love platonic friendships more than relationships, but I respect its execution. 

The other aspect I really respect is another friendship, the one between former BFFs-then-ignored-enemies-then-BFFs-again Jo and Lacey. Lacey comes over to get ready for homecoming together, apologizing that this didn't happen before. I like that in this episode, they address the weirdness of them not being friends for so many years. I related to that, to these emotional truths the show sneaks in between the murder and conspiracy. It's probably the show's strongest asset. 

Also, for a moment, I thought they were going to perform a spell based on Jo's outfit alone. Wrong ABC Family show! 

At the dance, Danny and Lacey run into Charlie, who weirdly shows up to the dance at school where he literally knows only two people. Charlie and Danny speak in tongues (but not tongues touch) about their secretive past, implying darkness in their time at juvie. Now this kid is a socio. Of course, he meets Jo by calling her "curly," thus completing his strangeness.

This is uncomfortable to watch. He is the creepiest love interest and I watched the Oliver arc on The O.C. way back when. It's even worse than that! It's lines from Charlie, like "You don't smile enough," that make me cringe. The dancing to make Jo laugh later is rough. Stop. Please.

The grossest part about this episode is that Regina gets Homecoming Queen posthumously (okay, that isn't gross, I really liked Regina/Lilly Kane) and Danny Desai gets Homecoming King. Another false note! Danny can't deal with this normal, rejecting the crown and the school's embrace. 

So the trio have their annual episode fight outside, with Jo smartly deciding not to take sides. We know that Lacey and Danny will make up, promising to start over with their relationship. 

The Adults are Not All Right

The adults get it in too! They have romances and daliances. Let's start with Karen and Jack Taylor. Danny is supportive of Karen's new relationship. So supportive, in fact, that he visits Jack Taylor for information and advice. Knowing who you are is just as important as knowing who you aren't, really. Which is actually very good advice for Danny.

Karen admits she was hoping Vikram was dead because he has an expensive life insurance policy -- $10 million, to be exact -- that would go a long way in making her life comfortable again. Jack's ears Scooby Doo spasm at this, but in a restrained way. If you are unaware of this reference, it is basically that he got attention.

One final note about Jack: his face terrifies me because it has as much botox as Karen's. I have just noticed this. 

The other big romantic pairing is between Sheriff Kyle and Tess. I have made my hatred of Tess quite known, so I'm pleased pink that Tess gets hers. The sheriff's department has recovered Vikram's old phone and voicemail, including the one Tess left the other day. Now, she looks distraught this entire episode over Vikram. When the sheriff hears these voicemails, he just unleashes. This is great. I want Tess to burn.

Kyle is furious at Tess for lying. Angry, accusing her of possibly cheating. He even wants her to come into the station tomorrow and admit she was in contact with Vikram. It's everything I wanted, only 50 minutes too short. Jo even hears it!

But then Vikram's body is discovered. Changing up the new status quo to a state of uncertainty. Just how Twisted likes it.

What did you think of this week's Twisted? Too romantic and shippy? Was it too much of a filler episode? Were you as happy as I was to see Tess get ripped into? 

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC Family.  

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