'Twisted' Mid-Season Premiere Recap: The Truth Has Been Twisted, Naturally
'Twisted' Mid-Season Premiere Recap: The Truth Has Been Twisted, Naturally
Emily E. Steck
Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We get some twisted answers and some twisted questions, but all in a very straightforward way, on this week's mid-season premiere of Twisted.

Confession: my sister ended up being the bigger fan of Twisted at the end of ABC Family's ridiculously scheduled "summer season." It's not that I don't like it -- I do. It has some sharp dialogue, really great chemistry between the series' trio and a flawed murder victim. But I feel it's really predictable. For a teen thriller, it wasn't very thrilling.

Part of that problem is that it's not in the show's formula to go bat-crap insane like its friend Pretty Little Liars, which to me is a good thing because this show has its own very specific DNA. For one thing, there is more humor and character focus in this series, which is a welcome departure from the plot-heavy PLL. The other part is that these episodes are about building the world and turning heads into viewers with steamy triangles between Jo and Lacey and Danny. Fine. I get that. But the show kept on teasing these questions that were frustratingly not answered.

The smartest thing Twisted does in this week's episode is answer questions and set up more and more complications for Danny and the gang without asking more questions. You'll see what I mean.

Find the Fugitive

We pick up moments after last summer with Danny missing and everyone scouring to find him. And where does he hide? Jo's closet. In the dark. Jo's just a wee bit pissed about Danny and Lacey getting hot and heavy and probably angry at herself for sleeping with Tyler, who looks closer to 30 than 20, but whatever, he ain't in this episode.

Jo is convinced Danny is a liar and killer now that he doesn't have any feelings for her. To which I say, finally. As hot as Danny is, he is quite conspicuous and quite good with the lying. Jo was naturally blinded by Danny's luscious locks and awesome abs, but Danny is a liar. 

Jo's also pretty upset that she slept with the absolutely wrong guy, the creepy filmmaker Tyler. And naturally, she's a disaster this episode because of this weight on her. Luckily, Tess intervenes. I'd never thought I would say that. Does anyone else loathe -- like, absolutely loathe -- Jo's mom, Tess? I can't stand her as a character. But I'm glad Jo has a relationship with her that allows her to open up about making a mistake with Tyler. Which to me is a very important storyline for Jo and the show. Jo is my baby, my favorite character, even with that ridiculous hair styling and her stupid obsession with Danny. 

Also, here's the romance section because this is ABC Family: Lacey runs into a Danny look-alike new kid while searching for Danny, who I suppose will be revealed to be his secret half-brother with that hair. It just screams important soap opera offspring and romantic interest now that Lacey has been single for all of one episode.

Just Get to the Investigation

(A quick aside: did anyone love Greek as much as I did? I'm re-watching it on Netflix and I totally forgot Beaver was a deputy on this show! Named Eddie! Ah. ABC Family memories.)

That mega-jerk Marilyn Rossi is determined to find Danny and basically persecute him because of fingerprint evidence. Danny goes to Jo first because he's being a stupid boy, but Jo is being a stupid Jo and calls her mom in. And then he goes into hiding at Rico's place! Which I did not expect and which gives me all the happy feels. This also makes the most amount of sense because Danny has no other friends/allies/girlfriends left.

The Sheriff and Eddie continue to investigate the evidence and are very suspicious of Marilyn, after Lacey comes forward with testimony which makes Marilyn look suspicious in Regina's death. Elsewhere, Karen finds a handsome guy named Jack, an old employee and friend, near the boat. Karen shares her suspicions of Vikram being alive and Karen finds a bunch of Vikram's stuff. 

After the 24-hour deal is up, Danny goes to Lacey's where Jo joins after realizing that Lacey is the worst liar in the world. Jo refuses to see Danny as anything but a villain, even when both
Lacey and Danny are convinced that Vikram is framing him for murder. And why is Danny so convinced his dad is framing him for murder? Because he did it before. What? 

Some Answers to Our Questions

Praise you, Twisted, for answers. According to Danny (because he is a known liar and manipulator, after all, but I believe him), Danny didn't kill his aunt. In fact, he lied once he found his aunt, dead on the floor -- with his father holding the jump rope in his hand. His father was calm and told his son to take the fall. So the world's worst father of the year award goes to Vikram Desai. Of course, the truth of that night has been twisted, naturally. It's the show's title! 

As glad as I am about the reveal, I was sort of really excited about this kid murderer who grew up facing these consequences. In fact, I really wanted Danny to maybe remain innocent in one murder and guilty of the other. As dark as it would have been, my suspicion was always that Danny and his father killed his aunt together. 

Danny wants to meet with Vikram to get this all sorted out, so he sends Jo to tell Marilyn to arrange for a meet with Vikram. Sound schoolyard enough for you?

The meeting is done in the shed in the woods on probably the same backlot as PLL in probably the same abandoned shed where all the bad crap happens on that show. Jo is determined to stand by Danny's side because she cares about him again. (I mean, she always did, but Jo's emotional flip-flops are hard to keep up with.)

Vikram and Danny start fighting verbally and physically, with Vikram securing his place as the worst dad in the world by telling Danny that "father knows best," aka people are out to get me, trust me and take the fall again. Danny's fed up with this, though, and the two can't stand it anymore. Jo, being the sleuth's daughter that she is, starts calling 911 and is immediately chased by Vikram. Since the dude straight-up killed his sister, he uses super strength to push Danny hard on the ground and chase Jo. Now, if Jo were Veronica Mars, she'd just throw the phone on the roof or try and hide it, but, alas, Vikram catches up to her. 

About to attack Jo probably, Danny hits him with a branch and Vikram falls over a cliff, even as Danny tries to save him. And now Danny gets to be the killer I've always dreamed of! Too bad he killed his dad, or at least thinks he did. I'm not sure that I like that the show is doing this so early, but it definitely solves a lot of potential problems.

The smartest thing the show does is address one mystery, answer it, add another mystery and then add a further complication, all the while not making me as angry as my viewing days of Lost. We now know why Danny "killed his aunt" and took the fall for it. We know that Vikram was totally connected to Regina. We know Tess is the worst for keeping Vikram being alive a secret. But we are still speculating who killed Regina, why and are curious as to where Danny and Jo will go with this patricide secret. 

So what did you think of this week's episode of Twisted? Not enough reveals? Not enough satisfying reveals? Who killed Regina? Who thinks the new love interest is suspicious? Who loves Rico as much as I do? Sound off!

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC Family.

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