'Twin Peaks' Recap: Is Time Running Out for Dougie Jones?
'Twin Peaks' Recap: Is Time Running Out for Dougie Jones?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of Twin Peaks, titled "The Return, Part 10," Richard Horne tries to cover his tracks, Janey-E gains a new appreciation for Dougie, and Gordon Cole and The Log Lady have visions involving Laura Palmer.

First, a few clarifications and loose ends that I need to mention: the three Las Vegas cops investigating the attempt on Dougie Jones'/Cooper's life are known collectively as the Fusco brothers. The text Diane received while in Buckhorn, South Dakota, was from Evil Cooper. The man in Las Vegas, who definitely works for Evil Cooper, is named Duncan Todd. The note that Hawk, Bobby Briggs and Sheriff Truman have contains, in addition to the coordinates and times, two triangles (the Lodges, Twin Peaks), a red circle and the same black symbol on the playing card being carried around by Evil Cooper. And the strange, sooty men who have made individual appearances but arrived en masse in episode eight are the Woodsmen.

Richard's Body Count Rises

Richard Horne shows up at the home of the woman, Miriam, who witnessed him running over and killing the little boy. She tells Richard this and also that she mailed a letter to Sheriff Truman telling him everything she knows and, if anything happens to her, it's Richard who is responsible. After confirming that she sent the letter that day, Richard forces his way into Miriam's trailer and knocks her unconscious. Richard turns on the gas stove, lights a candle and leaves.

Richard then calls Deputy Chad, insisting that he intercept the letter before Truman sees it. Chad admits that this won't be an easy task, but he'll try. I don't know how killing Miriam clears Richard since plenty of people witnessed the accident, but presumably they can only identify the truck and not the driver.

Drama at the Fat Trout

At the Fat Trout trailer park, Becky's boyfriend, who is high as a kite and enraged, is terrorizing Becky (Shelly's daughter). He bitches that she doesn't make any money or clean up their shithole trailer. He also tells her not to act all innocent because he knows exactly what she did.

Bend Over and Cough

Janey-E finally gets Cooper/Dougie some medical attention from Dr. Ben. Janey-E remarks that Dougie's behavior has been especially strange for the past three weeks, and the physician is also apparently clued in to the fact that Dougie has both drinking and gambling problems.

Dr. Ben asks if Dougie has been working out because he's lost a great deal of weight. As Dr. Ben examines Dougie, Janey-E mentions that her husband has been acting "peculiar." Dougie is in great physical health, and Janey-E seems to notice and appreciate how impressive Dougie's physique has become, especially compared to the fat slob she's been co-habituating with up until recently.

Mr. Jackpot's Identity is Revealed

The two men, Bradley and Rodney, who either own the casino where Cooper/Dougie won over $400,000 or work for the man who does, are watching the local news and learn that Ike the Spike has been arrested. These guys know Ike, and Rodney reminds Bradley to call off the hit on Ike. They also see the eyewitness accounts of the showdown between Cooper/Dougie outside his office and recognize him as "Mr. Jackpots."

Oh, Dougie

A lot of people want Dougie for many reasons, and Janey-E now wants him for sex. As Dougie-Coop shovels chocolate cake into his face, Janey-E asks if he finds her attractive, and soon the two are in the throes of passion -- finally, something Dougie-Coop likes more than coffee. We also know that Dougie-Coop's brain may not be working that well, but his penis is a-okay.

Deputy Dick and the Evil Richard Horne

At the Twin Peaks police station, Chad intercepts the mailman as Lucy watches. He pockets the letter from Miriam. Whether Lucy realizes Chad tampered with the mail or not remains to be seen. Chad texts Richard the message "Done."

Johnny Horne is alive if not exactly well. He recently got loose, ran through the house and slammed his head into a wall. He's been tied to a chair, so he is no help when Richard shows up demanding money from his grandmother, Sylvia. She refuses, and he grabs her by the throat, calling her a cock-sucking bitch. Sylvia offers him money from her purse, but he wants the combination to the safe. Richard returns with a box, which contains his grandmother's jewels. He also takes her purse, some silver and, on his way out, questions why Sylvia has to make everything so difficult and calls poor granny a "cunt."

The Mitchum Brothers

Duncan Todd learns that the police got Ike. He has a conversation with Tony -- the same Tony who works with Dougie -- about Todd's bitter enemies and business rivals, the Mitchum brothers. Todd instructs Tony to visit the Mitchum brothers. It seems that Tony and Duncan Todd conspired to deny an insurance claim made by the Mitchums that cost them $30 million. Todd wants Tony to convince the brothers that Dougie was the mastermind behind the plan, that Dougie has a personal vendetta against them. Duncan is convinced that this act will take care of their Dougie Jones problem. If Tony fails to deliver, he'll have to kill Dougie himself.

The Mitchum brothers are, of course, Rodney and Bradley. Tony delivers the message about Dougie, making it clear that Dougie has a vendetta and is determined to make sure the brothers never receive restitution for the losses they sustained when one of their hotels burned to the ground. The brothers decide to call and set up a meeting with Dougie Jones, and they're out for blood.

What is Up with Diane?

Gordon Cole sits in his hotel room sketching when there's a knock at the door. He answers and sees a vision of a distraught Laura Palmer. The vision fades, and it's Albert standing in the hallway. Albert informs Cole about the text that Diane received. Tammy traced it back to a server in Mexico. When Gordon asks if Diane responded, Albert states that Diane sent the following "heavily encrypted" message: they have Hastings. He's going to take them to the site." Gotta love Albert's dry wit.

Cole says he felt it when Diane hugged him, but this confirms it. Albert questions what they should do, and Cole suggests that they keep Diane close. Tammy Preston arrives with information about the penthouse murders in NYC. She has a picture of Evil Cooper at the scene.

All About Laura

The Log Lady is speaking to Hawk. She comments on the electricity humming in the mountains and rivers, dancing among the seas and stars and glowing around the moon. But these days, the glow is dying. She asks what will be in the darkness that remains. She also states that the Truman men are "true men" -- they are his brothers. She goes on to talk about the others, the good ones who have been with her. The circle is almost complete. She instructs him to listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now flowing like a river. That which is and is not. Then she says, "Laura is the one."

Is Diane up to no good or a clueless pawn? What is up with the electrical hum? Is Evil Cooper's continued existence a threat to Twin Peaks? Will Audrey Horne show up and put Richard in check? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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