BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 5/5)
BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 5/5)
OD: I've been searching for a moustache ride joke, but I’m at a loss.
KW: Not a great father in this moment. My 17 year old can drive to Phoenix in a beat up truck in the middle of the night. It’s cool
OD: Screw you and your idyllic small town life, Dad!
MC: This is like when Buffy ran away at the end of season 3.
DC: At the end of season 2, actually.
KW: This is where Kristen Stewart sold me. Go with it… Bella - you could have been normal but now you're going to die.
OD: Goodbye, Gaysian!
KW: If they had a moat they'd be safe.
MC: Victoria is always being misunderestimated.
DC: Dude, Rosalie's my kind of vampire. She's all, whatever, I don't care, I'll eat her myself.
KW: Here's where they lose me. Why would they actually go to Phoenix? The place she SAID she was going? Really? Really? Really? Is that smart? Our of ALL the places in the world. Does that make any sense?
DC: And she draws the future!
MC: Bella! Drinking game every time someone says Bella!
KW: Drinking game every time Kristen Stewart blinks
OD: I would totally throw my mom under the bus.
MC: This dude is really hungry.
KW: Well, Bella has heroin blood…
DC: Fun house!
OD: Mirrors!
KW: Vampires have reflections!

DC: Kill!
MC: Edward will save her!
DC: she's about to die and all she can think about is defending Edward’s reputation?
KW: Pepper spray! Oooh, it's bad luck to break a mirror. That's why he's going to die.
MC: Now, this is some quality vamp action.
DC: Ho yay! Ho yay!
KW: He just ripped out part of his throat!
OD: That was relatively easy.
KW: Alice is about to go bad ass on James.
MC: Why can’t vampires resist their version of food? It’s not like every time I’m around doughnuts I HAVE. TO. HAVE. ONE.
MC: K Stew not cute when cross-eyed.

Kristen Stewart Went All Cross-Eyed

OD: Director's notes to Kristen in this scene: “Writhe on the ground a lot, act really scared and in pain, and then when he bites your wrist, pretend that you just j*zzed your pants."
KW: He remembers he loves her! And the times the spent together staring in each other's eyes
MC: Staring = caring! Ah, you went through a window at the bottom of the stairs BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE.
KW: I want to live in Forks. Maybe I'll meet my Edward Cullen.
MC: I also want to live in Forks.
OD: I want to fork Bella.
KW: Freak out time!
MC: "UGH WHA WHA NO Wha ugh no no no!" That’s what her script looks like.
OD: Kristen Stewart could give an epileptic a seizure.
MC: Edward looks hot in collared shirts… and non collared shirts… and ties…
KW: and with no shirt
DC: !Prom, zomg!
OD: Where's a Paula Cole song when you need it?
KW: Taylor Lautner added 26 pounds of muscle for the next movie.
MC: Does his tribe not believe in haircuts?
DC: His dad needed to pay him to do that?
OD: Ed is racist.
MC: Wolves, lions, lambs, and "animals" oh my!
DC: The wolves.... foreshadowing?
KW: Very good Debbie.
KW: You know what else is an important right of passage Edward? Sex after prom. Work on that.
OD: Gazebo dancing = Bonetime Island.
KW: At prom
MC: omg omg
MC: kiss me Robert Pattinson!
KW: You look out the window and see him sucking her blood. That'd be a prom to remember. OMG It’s Victoria!


MC: It’s over?
KW: Yep. That's what credits mean.
OD: Did Radiohead authorize this? There should have been a Slumdog-esque dance number. BEST GAY WOLF ABSTINENT VAMPIRE MOVIE EVER!

Yeah, thanks Oscar. Be sure to check back for our wrap up video!

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