BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 4/5)
BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 4/5)
KW: The Vampires all make whooshing noises when they do vampire things.
MC: Moats would be cool. Rosalie’s hooker shoes just made it awkward.
KW: There's so much sexual tension between Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart. Fake Lesbos Abound!
MC: Haha, quick on the uptake, Bella.
OD: "HAHAA… yea, we might eat you."
MC: Cute! He's playing with his food
DC: Some people need the extra time in the classroom
KW: No bed? She's upset.
DC: What about the sex?
MC: Bonetown needs no bed.
OD: Slowest Slow Dance ever.
KW: Whooshing noises!
DC: Spidermonkey
OD: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Vampire D***
MC: "do you trust me" + flying = Aladdin
OD: "It's a Whole New World"
MC: He can fly AND play piano? This dude's a catch.
KW: This is the song he wrote for her. It's Bella's Lullaby. He hums it to her to help her fall asleep. They don't ever say that in the movie.
MC: Kim Wetter is like twilight "pop up video."
KW: That's Stephenie Meyer at the counter by the way.

OD: "School's out guys, let's play grab ass outside the diner."
DC: Man-bear-pig.
OD: A Table of Beards
KW: They all have white beards!
MC: "I give you permission to get groped."
OD: "I know how you kids like grab ass on a Friday."

You like any other Yahoos in town?

MC: “Bella... are you gay?”
OD: "Boys these days, pale faces, no moustaches...guess I’m out of touch."
MC: Her mom’s a total cougar. An "I’d rather you drink in the house" type of lady.
KW: OOOOO. She's in her underwear, Oscar, pay attention.
OD: Kim - will we be seeing a naked Kristen Stewart in any of the sequels?
KW: I would hope so Oscar, but who knows.
DC: O, Edward’s there! Try it!
DC: If this is really a fable about abstinence, they should really not be kissing. Bad!
MC: If there's still room for the book of Mormon between them, it's ok.
KW: Let's stare at each other some more instead
OD: You know how you get rid of a boner? Have a long conversation with Kristen Stewart.
MC: dont tell your dad you have a date when he's holding a gun
OD: Sex is bad...but beer and guns? Totally cool.
MC: Dad is drinking Rainer. PROPS!
KW: Beers + Guns = Dick Cheney
MC: ‘Baseball’? Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?
DC: Baseball? Is that code for BONETIME?
OD: This is, officially, my least favorite scene in movie history. Sorry, Kim.
MC: WHOOSH Just do it. With vampires. Who play baseball. -NIKE
OD: The dad is wearing a scarf while playing.
KW: They like to play baseball. They look really cute doing it.
DC: It shows that they are a normal family just like everyone else.
KW: Why doesn't James have his shirt off?
MC: Sharks v. Jets!
DC: I feel like there is supposed to be subtext in all their lines, but there really isn't.
MC: I want Bella to try to convince them she's a vampire. That's what Buffy would do. Like “oh man I’m so thirsty for some of the ol' red, know what I mean guys? Am I right?”
OD: Crouch, everyone!
KW: They're on the run!

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