BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 2/5)
BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Live Thoughts (Page 2/5)
MC: Eric is obnoxious.
DC: What?? Is the gaysian asking her out?? Doesn't he know he likes dudes?
MC: BONE TIME #2. He's so dreamy and brooding.
DC: Edward sounds like he is mildly impaired too.
DC: What's with this dialogue?
KW: She's so abrupt with him.
MC: "You were gone."
KW: Why is it weird to ask someone about the weather?
MC: This is like conversations I have on the bus with homeless guys.
DC: Cold, wet thing,
DC: ! And she's wet!
MC: Like the rain.
KW: He's like "Now we can't bone." :(
MC: You offended him. OMG! They’re both so smart with the microscope.
OD: I think Robert Pattinson learned his American accent by watching Rain Man.
MC: BONETIME! Why isn’t she like "stop asking me personal questions, stranger"?
OD: What's the tween girl equivalent to Blue Balls?
MC: This is so weird. It’s like an alternate dimension where people don’t do small talk.
MC: He just saved her from the truck! BONE TIME. He is sooo strong.
KW: Lots of heavy breathing.
MC: If I didn’t know anything about this movie right now, I would think the Cullens are a creepy albino cult.
KW: Mike Dexter aka Carlisle Cullen!

DC: The vampire dad looks like a clown. Do you think he'll make me a balloon animal?
OD: That is horrid makeup
MC: "Edward? Yer boy?" Just pointing out my favorite lines throughout.
DC: Um, don't the vampires know that people can see and hear them talking in the hallway?
MC: "Bella, you're stupid" What does she think right now? That he's superman?
KW: She's having a sex dream
DC: Bone time! (tm Meghan)
MC: Oh no way. He was in her room. LUCKY.
KW: He actually was in her room too. He watches her sleep for months without her knowing.
OD: Oh...it was a dream.... I wouldn’t have known that without the voiceover.
MC: Why does she need to flashback about the car thing? it JUST HAPPENED.
DC: There's a lot of staring broodily off into space in this movie, isn't there?
OD: Yes.
MC: Why do gay dudes keep asking her out?
OD: Poor non-vampire guy Mike. R Pattz really does look like a foot sometime.
MC: I like his peacoat. BONETIME in the greenhouse.
DC: “Zero weirdness,” NOT!
MC: Guys were dicks to me all the time in high school. I should have realized they just wanted to drink my blood.
DC: “You don't know me! You don't know anything about me!”
KW: Alice! I love her. She's so nice and Edward's a dick in this scene. Bella and Alice should hook up.

DC: I'd watch that movie!
MC: “Let’s say for argument’s sake I’m not smart”
DC: I don't think she's smart.
OD: Just say you're a vampire and get over it.
MC: SUPERMAN, I called it.
DC: She can see into his soul. He’s trying to keep her out. She looked into his eyes and saw his soul.
MC: Oh he WILL come (to the beach?)
OD: He's j*zzed his pants twice during this conversation.
KW: Who surfs off the Washington coast?
DC: I have friends who surf on the Washington coast.
MC: I was not expecting this much stuff about the prom.
DC: Duh, Meghan, it's high school.
KW: I'm so glad they got hot werewolves for New Moon. These kids are not cute.
MC: "You caught what we just explicitly said? Astute."
OD: "Wolves? Like Wolves?"
DC: Naturally, only the Native Americans know about the vampires because indigenous people are always mystical.
MC: My tribe's beliefs? Just a story. It's a GOOF!
OD: If I were a vampire, I would not live in Forks. I would move to Vegas.
DC: If I were a vampire, I would not go to school.
MC: Wellll that guy's creepy
KW: I like that James is always shirtless. Love it.
OD: Gayest Black Vampire Ever!!!
DC: This web surfing montage is riveting. She didn't even look at wikipedia.
OD: My uncle used to live in Port Angeles.
MC: No one cares Oscar.
OD: He was killed by a vampire.
KW: Nice boobs Jessica
OD: Boobs!
KW: I wonder where the movie will end? Paramore! BOOBS!

Jessica trying on dresses

OD: Guys like boobs… "Disgusting."
MC: Jessica, don’t wear GLOVES. You’re insane. Social suicide.
DC: She needs the mystical wisdom of the native peoples.
OD: She just purchased "The Legend of the Pants-J*zzing Gay Pale-Faced Vampire Wolves" at the bookstore.
MC: Kim Wetter just spoiled an r-word scene.
DC: Gang bang.
OD: Ah...I've heard about this infamous gang rape scene.
MC: Fang gang bang.
DC: Oh snap!
KW: At least Bella hit him. She doesn't do anything in the book. Completely helpless.
MC: I wanted him to tear into those guys. It would have been so hot. You drive that hatchback, Rob.
DC: Edward needs to protect her purity because without it, she's worthless.
MC: SAFETY. It’s all about safety.
KW: "We waited but we totally ate without you."
MC: "So, we didn’t wait. And we don’t have cell phones." HE should eat something.
OD: Yeah... Totally thoughtful.

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