BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Final Thoughts
BuddyTV's Twilight Challenge: The Final Thoughts
For those that don't know, we did a little experiment over here at BuddyTV that we call "The Twilight Challenge." The concept was fairly simple, I convinced three of my coworkers to watch Twilight. Seeing as none of the three had read the books, I figured it would be an accurate representation of what it might be like to see this movie fresh. In our initial impressions video, you can see they had close to no background on the story or the characters. Meghan Carlson knew she found Robert Pattinson incredibly attractive (who wouldn't?), Debbie Chang knew she hated romance and Oscar Dahl knew he probably wasn't the target audience for Twilight (oh and he also doesn't find Robert Pattinson attractive). Then, we watched the film.

What came out of our viewing will stick with me forever. At the time (sometime in March), I had seen Twilight ten or so times. Now, every time after, I think of some funny comment that Oscar, Debbie or Meghan made. It doesn't ruin the movie for me but it definitely brings occasional hilarity to my Twilight experience. If you haven't already seen the live thoughts, check them out here.

After the viewing, I gave my three Twilight virgins time to digest their thoughts and then I filmed them one at a time giving a confession. Then, we sat down as a group to talk and argue about the characters, actors, and storylines. Overall, I had 45 minutes of Twi-footage.

Obviously we discussed a lot so there are some major topics you won't see discussed below. Debbie and Oscar both thought Kristen Stewart did a great job portraying an average teenage girl (and I agreed), although neither like Robert Pattinson much (I disagreed, hence why it's not in the video). Moreover, they could not understand why the vampires attend high school over and over again. Debbie suggests they be home schooled, Oscar suggests claiming that they're 18 and not going to college. After a long argument, I had to admit I see no point of attending public school. They already know all the material and frankly, they don't socialize with anyone but each other. If the point is to resist temptation then I'm not quite sure how going to a school full of tasty humans will help.

Other than that, we discussed several things in the video below: Edward and Bella's age difference, the love story and how people who haven't read the book respond to the film. Check out the video below and let us know what you think. I think they raised some legitimate concerns of non-Twilight fans. In the video I mention my suggestions for 10 Ways to Turn New Moon into an Awesome Movie, where I already discussed some of my concerns from a fan's point of view. I hope some of their concerns will be addressed in New Moon.

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- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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