Trust Me: Sarah Clarke is A Sounding Board (Who Misses '24')
Trust Me: Sarah Clarke is A Sounding Board (Who Misses '24')
So far, viewers of TNT's Trust Me will know what Erin Maguire (Sarah Clarke) is just that—a doting housewife, tending to her children with high-powered advertising executive Mason Maguire (Eric McCormack).  And, as with everything else, there's always something else to it—surely, as the show progresses, something is bound to pop up in future episodes.  In an interview with, Clarke revealed these changes—which is pretty familiar, if you remember Nina Myers from 24

…anyway, on with the details.  “[There] is a whole other side of her that is slowly starting to redevelop,” she revealed.  “When Erin stopped working—she used to work at [her husband's ad agency] RGM—to raise the kids and be a full-time mom and wife, everything else got put on hold. Now that the kids are more self-sufficient and Mason is a workaholic, she's spending a lot more time on her own and waking up to who she is again.”

So, will she actually return to the advertising world, perhaps as Mason's colleague?  “Probably!” she answered.  “[At the very least, they'll] definitely use me as a sounding board.  I also have to play referee between him and Conner (Tom Cavanagh).”

She isn't fearful that the show—which had, admittedly, gotten off to a slow start—will not last for long . “It always takes viewers a little time to get involved in a show, and what I love about TNT is they really believe in their product,” she said.  “They know that, over time, people will come to find this show and love it.”

But if there's anything she misses while working on set—her last series appearance was, of course, on 24, where she played a totally different character—it's the attitude she can get away with.  “But there are moments where I remember how fun it was to pour all my aggression into my work,” she quipped.  “Anytime you felt s—ty, you'd be like, ‘Well, at least I'm playing Nina today. I  can go to work angry.'”

But does she miss Nina Myers?  “Yes and no,” she said.  “I remember thinking it was about time when they finally put me down.”

Trust Me returns next Monday from 10pm on TNT.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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