'True Detective' Recap: Who is Reginald Ledoux?
'True Detective' Recap: Who is Reginald Ledoux?
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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For a show that only has eight episodes, True Detective is sure taking its time with the character building and revealing the 1995 killer. Each episode delves deep into the lives of Marty Hart and Rust Cohle, but it often leaves the audience wondering, where this is going. "The Locked Room," the third episode of True Detective, is no different, but does finally give us a name of Dora Lange's possible killer.

It's All a Scam

Picking up where last week left off, Marty and Rust find the traveling Friends of Christ Revival tent. While Rust finds a way to insult the crowd, Marty sees the positive in the sense of community. They talk to the preacher, Minister Terry, as well as a few of the parishioners and staff members. They learn that Dora Lange attended the church, which later burned down. They find out Dora used to hang around with a tall man with a burned face.

They follow the lead and interrogate a man who was recently hospitalized and picked up for breaking and entering. However, it's a dead end.

All's Not Well At Home

Meanwhile, in their personal lives, Marty struggles with his marriage and his family life. He learns his daughter is drawing inappropriate images with her classmates. And Maggie suspects something is up, since all he does it work. He confesses he's confused and messed up, but doesn't fess up to his affair.

And Rust asks Marty's wife, Maggie, to set him up. The four go dancing at a local country bar, where Marty sees his mistress on a date. He then goes to her home and threatens the man she's with. Maggie calls Rust to find out if Marty lied to her about where he was going, which he did, but Rust doesn't confirm or deny anything -- leaving her with more questions than answers.

A Possible Killer

Later on, Rust pours over old cases, convinced Dora is not the killer's first victim. He comes across a case from a few years back where a woman was found floating in the river. It was ruled an accidental death in a flood, but the marks on her body, as well as a drawing on it, are too similar to the way Dora was found. The pair find the victim's grandfather, who mentions a man named Reginald Ledoux. Some more digging reveals Ledoux was involved in drug dealing and did time with Dora's husband, Charlie Lange. And the wheels start turning.

During the present day investigation, Marty spouts off more about how crazy Rust seemed, but he always seemed to turn out to have the right answers. He again mentions a gunfight, but we never get to see it this time around. Rust's interview gets more cryptic, though. He talks about dreams and what goes on in people's minds, or rather the Locked Room in our heads.

The last scene is again the most interesting of the episode. A man is in his underwear with tattoos, carrying a machete and wearing a gas mask. A monster, according to Rust.

Each week, I find True Detective to be interesting and frustrating at the same time. As I mentioned, it's very slow moving, but the last 10 minutes or so are very interesting. I love Matthew McConaughey's portrayal of Rust. Such a withdrawn and deep character.

The double date scene just shows that Rust's mind is always in overdrive, as he can't even look at his date while dancing, he just goes through the motions while always looking around. And Marty is such a jerk, I find myself hating him more and more in each episode. You really just want to punch him in the face. However, the pair actually compliment each other.

They didn't get too much into the politics of the police department in this episode, with only one mention of the special task force that will eventually take over the case. I know that will come into play again, and am eager to learn how. I'm also pretty excited that we have a possible killer's name. I just hope it's not another dead end. And we still really don't know why the pair was brought in to reopen the case. So many questions!

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