'True Detective' Recap: The Fallout Between Cohle and Hart
'True Detective' Recap: The Fallout Between Cohle and Hart
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Revenge, lies and cover-ups are the running themes in the sixth episode of True Detective, and really throughout the entire series. While there isn't much from present day Rust Cohle, since he walked out of the interrogation, there is a lot from Maggie Hart. She's able to shed some light on the fallout between Rust and her now ex-husband, Marty. Meanwhile, in 2002, Rust thinks he's on to something with the Tuttle schools and the missing children cases.

Someone's Got Anger Issues

After the police catch his daughter with two older boys doing indecent things in a car, Marty heads to the jail to knock some sense into them -- literally. Then as he is picking up tampons for his family of women, he's drawn to the local watering hole. Inside, he meets Beth, the girl from the bunny farm he met during the Dora Lange investigation. She remembers him, and pretty soon they are back at her place. It seems he has no problem sleeping with younger women, even though he's a father.

With Marty back to his old tricks, Maggie sense something is up. She finds dirty pictures on his phone. She calmly goes about her business and heads to a bar. She can't go through with cheating on a stranger, so she heads to Rust's apartment and sleeps with him instead, knowing it will hurt Marty even more. She tells Marty, who is not only upset, but surprised, though I don't know why since he lied and cheated on her. Later on at the precinct, Marty attacks Rust, though he's not a very good fighter.

Still More Questions Than Answers

While Marty is back to his old tricks in 2002, so is Rust. He is still the star interrogator, always getting confessions, but on the side he's opened up old missing persons cases, which gets his boss pretty upset. Rust thinks he's on to something when the name Tuttle comes up a lot during his probe: first with the father of a missing boy, and then with the deacon from the revival tent during the Lange investigation.

Apparently, the deacon worked for the Will Spring schools, something Billy Lee Tuttle set up. Tuttle is also the same guy who wanted a separate task force on the Lange case, so Rust has always thought something was up. The deacon tells Rust that he found pictures of naked children tucked away in a folder in the library, and when he brought them to his supervisors, they turned the tables on him and accused him of owning the pictures.

He also goes to talk to the girl who was found at the Ledoux place. She's in a mental institution and doesn't really speak. Though she does mention a man with scars on his face to Rust before she freaks out on him and needs to be sedated.

Marty says he knows nothing about Rust's little side investigation and is not involved. Rust brings up the info about Tuttle, but his boss warns Rust to stop or else. So what does Rust do? He goes to talk to Tuttle himself. You can tell Tuttle gets uncomfortable when Rust brings up the children and the deacon. Of course, Tuttle tells Rust's boss and he gets suspended.

After his fight with Marty in the parking lot, Rust then quits.

Who's Lying? Who's Telling the Truth?

During the present day investigation, the detectives bring in Maggie to have a conversation about Rust. Just as Marty has been doing, Maggie basically says that Rust can do no wrong. She also denies that the fallout between Marty and Rust was about her. Marty also sticks up for Rust and walks out of the interrogation room when the detectives show him pictures of Rust at the recent crime scene. As Marty is driving away, Rust follows him and says they need to talk.

With only two episodes left, there are more and more questions than answers at this point. I am curious as to why Maggie denies the fallout is because of her. I want to believe her, and I feel like there is something else. As much as I hate that Marty lied and cheated on Maggie, I think it's pretty messed up that she uses Rust to get back at him. All Rust did was act kind, in his own weird way, to Maggie.

As far as the investigation goes, I feel like Rust is definitely on to something with the Tuttle lead. But just like in 1995, someone is being paid to keep him out of it at the police department.

Sometimes, I don't like shows that leave you with more questions than answers, but I'm actually intrigued by True Detective. It's a different concept for a show, and I think it really works. I just hope that things do get wrapped up and all of our questions are answered in the last two episodes.

True Detective airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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