'True Detective' Recap: Hart Joins Cohle's Rogue Investigation
'True Detective' Recap: Hart Joins Cohle's Rogue Investigation
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Once again, there are more questions than answers in the second to last episode of True Detective season 1. It takes place mostly in 2012, with Rust and Marty joining forces to find out the truth in the Lange case from 1995. We also learn a little bit more about what the two have been doing for the past couple years, since the fallout in 2002.

There's Debts to Be Paid Back

For the first time in 10 years, Rust and Marty meet to "catch up," much to the annoyance of Marty. Rust tells Marty he's being investigated for the murder at Lake Charles, but he feels he's on to something big. He tells him he came back to LA in 2010 for some unfinished business. He also adds that Marty has a debt to pay back.

Marty calls Rust crazy, and thinks he's gone off the deep end. He questions why Rust has been acting so strange and "avoiding" the police investigation into him if he's innocent. When Rust mentions the debt, Marty agrees to just take a look at the rogue investigation Rust has been working on.

On to Something Big

At the storage unit that Rust refused to let cops look at, Marty sees all of the work Rust has been doing, re-investigating Ledoux and his family, as well as Tuttle and the schools he ran years back. Marty finally agrees to help Rust investigate again when Rust plays a videotape he found in a safe in Billy Lee Tuttle's home in 2010. On the tape, children are blindfolded, tied up and raped by men in animal masks. Rust tells Marty that the little girl on the tape is Marie Fontenot, the child that went missing five years before the Lange case.

Together, the pair reopen the case and start investigating again. Rust refuses to go to the police with any information he has because he doesn't know who is in on the Tuttle group. When Marty heads to the precinct to dig up old case files, he learns that the Fontenot file is missing from the storage room. As they interview people related to the cases, most mention a man with scars on his face. However, when they question a former officer who investigated the Fontenot case, he lies to Marty repeatedly. The pair then corner him to try and get information out of him.

Meanwhile, the 2012 cops investigating Rust and the Lake Charles murder run into a man with scars on his face.

Who is the Yellow King? What is Carcosa? Who is the man with the spaghetti face and is he the key to all of this? As I said, more questions than answers. A lot of the episode takes place in 2012, with just a few flashbacks to 2010. I do like how they touch on what each of the men have been doing for the past 10 years.

I was curious when Marty goes to see Maggie, and she says she didn't tell the cops anything about the fallout between the two. It could confirm that the fallout wasn't just about Maggie's one-nighter with Rust to get back at Marty. It most likely has something to do with Tuttle and Rust's rogue investigation. You can tell Marty has just about had it with all the talk of Rust's "mission" until he watches the videotape. We do learn that Rust didn't kill Billy Lee Tuttle, as we've been led to believe.

I am very curious as to how all this plays out. While I have enjoyed the series, I feel like each episode brings you in a different direction each week. Perhaps that means I'm not a good detective. I hope that the finale next week answers all the necessary questions and doesn't leave us hanging, a la The Killing.

The season 1 finale of True Detective airs next Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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