'True Blood's Jacob Hopkins Discusses His Character's Surprising Fate
'True Blood's Jacob Hopkins Discusses His Character's Surprising Fate
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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There are shocking deaths on True Blood, and then there are really shocking deaths on True Blood. We got an example of the latter when Authority councilor Alexander Drew -- in appearance, a little boy of 9 -- met the true death at the hands of Roman. Jacob Hopkins, the young actor who played the vampire character, had a few words to say about Alexander's fate. 

We knew someone on the Vampire Authority's council was in trouble long before Alexander Drew was outed as the leak. But it was more than a little surprising that True Blood chose to pick such a young and innocent scapegoat for the situation.

Not that he didn't deserve it. Even Jacob Hopkins has a low opinion of Alexander's worthiness. "He took a video of himself feeding on humans and sent it to the fundamentalist Sanguinista vampires," Hopkins explained to BuddyTV. "I guess he did that because he's obviously a really bad vampire."

Interview: Jacob Hopkins talks about his character and being on the True Blood set.

Was Alexander Drew more worthy of death than your average bloodthirsty True Blood vampire? After all, most of the "good" vampires have killed at least one or two people...

According to Jacob Hopkins, the answer is a definite yes. "Vampires are supposed to be bad guys, but he's the most villainous one I've ever seen," Hopkins said. "He's not good at all. I don't know, maybe there's some good in him. But I doubt it."

The death of Alexander Drew was not without its mishaps. Jacob Hopkins made it out of the scene with no lasting injuries, but there were a few minor accidents. Hopkins described the scene in which Christopher Meloni's Roman carried out the death sentence as follows:

"[Meloni] was supposed to pick me up. So when he was going to pick me up, he accidentally hit me on the head! Of course I was OK. He didn't really hurt me, but he put the stake down and said, 'Are you OK?' And I said, 'Of course I'm OK!' Like I said, it didn't really hurt."

Alexander Drew cannot say the same. But, this being True Blood, it's unlikely that the "young" vampire will be alone in death for long. Who will be next to go in season 5 of True Blood?

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