'True Blood' Video Preview: Girl Noises and a Dead Body
'True Blood' Video Preview: Girl Noises and a Dead Body
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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True Blood went out with a bang last week thanks to Eric taking his revenge and killing Talbot while Bill and Sookie got back together after breaking up for almost one entire episode.

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This week we get the fall out as Bill and Sookie reconnect, Eric prepares for the blowback of his actions and Sam's little brother gets a little randy.  First, here's the official HBO description:

"With the ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment at hand, Nan Flanagan detours to Fangtasia to confront Eric about the Magister's disappearance. A grief-stricken Russell vows revenge against his foes, vampire and human. Awaking from a slumber, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookie's true identity. Jason gets unexpected help as he goes up against Felton and Calvin. Sam is distressed by Tommy's attitude; Tara encounters a new ally and an old tormentor; Hadley introduces Sookie to a new family member; Arlene despairs about her future; Hoyt confronts his true feelings."

The return of Nan Flanagan? I couldn't be happier.

In addition, here are two video clips from the episode. The first features Tommy taking a little advice from the Broadway musical Avenue Q and being as loud as the hell he wants when he's making love. The second shows Bill and Sookie having a "normal" night in.

Loud Tommy

Bill and Sookie

(Image and videos courtesy of HBO)

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