'True Blood' Spoilers: Who's Returning in the Season 4 Finale?
'True Blood' Spoilers: Who's Returning in the Season 4 Finale?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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There are only three episodes left in True Blood's fourth season, and the primary battle is between the witches and the vampires. But there's another storm brewing.

HBO's official description for the True Blood season 4 finale, "And When I Die," promises that "the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face." Those simple words have caused massive fan speculation that the "familiar face" is none other than King Russell Edgington, the spine-ripping former vampire king who was given a cement grave at the end of season 3.

However, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that, contrary to popular opinion and hope, Denis O'Hare (who plays Russell) will not be returning in season 4. At least that's what the HBO spokesman is saying.

I'm sure this could just be a big misinformation campaign designed to throw fans off the Russell scent, but for the sake of argument, let's assume it's the truth as Russell is not the "familiar face." Who does that leave?

Here are my top four guesses.

Rene: Much of season 4 has been spent with Arlene freaking out that her dead, vampire-killing ex-husband was coming back to steal her baby. That proved untrue as it was really the ghost of Mavis behind it, but maybe all that talk of Rene was designed to set the stage for his triumphant return to finish the job and kill some more vampires.

Maryann: Yes, the bad-ass maenad from season 2 died when Sam the Bull gored her with his horn, but maybe she could somehow come back for more wild orgies and ritual sacrifices.

Sheriff Bud Dearborn: Do you remember the country line dancing former sheriff of Bon Temps? Whatever happened to him? I suppose it's always possible that he went off, got big and powerful and returns to cause trouble. It's far-fetched, but I do love William Sanderson and would love to see him come back somehow.

Steve Newlin: This is my top guess. All season there have been very casual and subtle references to the fact that the reverend and former head of the Fellowship of the Sun has been missing for six months. Those always struck me as odd and I assume they have a purpose, which would make sense if Newlin returns, now as a vampire. At this point, I'd robbed as a viewer if True Blood didn't address the missing Steve Newlin storyline, and his return would definitely be a cause for crisis.

What "familiar face" do you think will return in the True Blood season 4 finale?

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