'True Blood' Spoilers: 5 Teases for 'I Found You'
'True Blood' Spoilers:  5 Teases for 'I Found You'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Hep-V rampage in the True Blood premiere changed the lives of Bon Temps' residents forever. Those still alive are left to deal with the remnants of their town. Will they pull together after the tragedy or will they turn against each other in "I Found You"?

Spoiler alert: This article contains True Blood spoilers and clips. 

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Hot Stuff!

"I Found You" has special meaning when one character finds another. It's an erotic meeting that will go down in True Blood history. It's titillating, but not gratuitous since the interaction has been appropriately set up. The meeting may answer a greater question of the season.

Mama Goes Crazy

Tara's mother has always been a little bit (or maybe a lot) off her rocker. In the aftermath of Tara's death and the rampage, Lettie Mae sets out help the community, though it's likely more than she can handle. She goes down an unexpected and sizzling path to deal with her grief.

The Search is On!

Sookie offers a suggestion on how they can find the Hep-V vamps and the Bon Temps residents who were taken. A small group follows her plan and they come to a horrific conclusion. The photo above will take on an entirely different tone once you see what they are looking at.

Check out a clip of the group working through the clues they find.

The Past

You can never entirely let go of your past. Sookie comes to realize that when on the search, but she also realizes that it can be used to her advantage. She goes to Bill for help. Her question has ramifications throughout the hour that far outreach just the connection between her and Bill.

Is Eric Alive or Dead?

It sure appeared that Eric died in the True Blood season 6 finale when he burst into flames, but Pam is convinced he's still out there. She was given a lead in the premiere and follows that up. By the end of the hour, she will have a much better understanding of the answer to whether he's alive or dead.

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