True Blood: Season Finale Death Odds
True Blood: Season Finale Death Odds
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We're less than one week away from the first season finale of True Blood, and no character is safe. Maudette, Dawn, Grandma Stackhouse and now Amy have all died at the hands of the serial killer, while poor vampire Eddie met his own demise. There are several answers we can expect to come from the season finale, including the final showdown with the killer and what the naked lady with the pig, Maryann Forrester, is up to with Tara in her giant mansion.

More important than those questions is who will die on True Blood. This is a show not afraid to kill off major characters. I suspect there will be at least one big death next week, hopefully a few. Obvious Sookie and Bill are the core of True Blood, and we know a few actors who have already been named series regulars for season 2, but everyone else is up for grabs.

Jason - 1,000 to 1
Murdering Sookie's brother would truly be an outrageous move, but other than having his penis serve as a magnet for dead women, it's hard to envision what his role would be after the killer storyline is over. On the bright side, creator Alan Ball seems to have a fascination with keeping Ryan Kwanten shirtless or naked, and it's hard to imagine the producers wanting to get rid of such a visual asset.

Sam - 500 to 1
I could easily imagine Sam heroically sacrificing himself to save Sookie. However, he's a Shifter, and that opens up a world of possibilities for his character the show hasn't even begun to explore.

Tara - 200 to 1
What is Maryann up to? Is she a vampire or something worse? Either way, Tara is certainly not 100 percent sage so long as she stays in that big mansion with the naked lady who made her crash her car.

Lafayette - 100 to 1
Making enemies of powerful politicians with secrets they want kept is rarely a good idea, and if Lafayette intends to pose a threat to the would-be Congressman, he could very easily have an accident. On the other hand, Lafayette such a wonderfully colorful character that I don't think True Blood would kill him so soon.

Lettie Mae - 50 to 1
She turned her back on her daughter, and if Maryann doesn't kill Tara, then she may very well come after Tara's mom for vengeance. She's served her purpose, and if True Blood wants to kill off a character that will dramatically change one of the main stars, this would be a perfect opportunity.

Eric - 20 to 1
The friction between Bill and Eric has been growing for most of the season, and now with Jessica in play and Sookie's ownership in question, Bill could easily come into a situation where he has to kill Eric or let him take Sookie, and in that instance, Eric loses.

Sheriff Dearborne or Detective Bellefleur - 10 to 1
There aren't the brightest cops in the history of the world, though it's quite likely that one may stumble onto the real killer by accident. In that situation, I give the upper hand to the killer.

Hoyt - 5 to 1
Hoyt was there when Jason mentioned the possibility of Amy being a fangbanger, and if he can put together the pieces of the puzzle, he should realize that Rene is the killer, which puts him in major jeopardy, and also makes him a possible witness Rene needs to get rid of.

Arlene - 2 to 1
Given the assumption that Rene is the killer, that makes his fiancee a prime target for murder if she discovers his secret.

Rene - 1 to 1
The hair in that photo of Drew Marshall was a bit misleading, but it was Rene. Add in the suspicious construction boots and you have your killer, and since it's very unlikely the killer will survive to see another season, it's au revoir for Rene.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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