'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere Spoilers: Turmoil, Death and Fear in Bon Temps
'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere Spoilers: Turmoil, Death and Fear in Bon Temps
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Bon Temps is in trouble when True Blood season 7 begins. Big trouble. The peaceful co-existence of humans and vampires becomes threatened when the Hep V outbreak among the latter's population takes hold. Can the turmoil be abated?

Spoiler alert: This article contains minor True Blood spoilers.

Blood Bath

When we last visited Bon Temps, Sam had a plan for vampires and humans to help each other. The Hep V-free vampires would be partnered with a human in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The human would feed the vampire, while the latter provided protection for their host. Sounds good, right?

The True Blood season 7 premiere opens with the big town celebration that turns into a blood bath when a large and uncontrollable group of Hep V infected vampires crash the party. It's brutal, deadly and threatens the arrangements set up by Sam.

Goodbye Old Friend

One of the familiar faces on True Blood will be killed in the first few minutes of the premiere. Whether this character is your favorite or not, it will be sad to lose this person. The death will affect many in Bon Temps and likely propel some into a new direction.

Where's Eric?

We got a glimpse of Eric basking in the sunlight high in the sky before he appeared to burst into flames and death at the end of last season. Did he survive that experience? We don't know and we won't find out in the premiere either.

What we do see is a desperate Pam searching for her maker. She goes to great and dangerous lengths to find him. Will she find him or at least an answer to what happened to him? Maybe.

Kick-Ass Sookie

In the aftermath of the Bon Temps massacre, Sookie takes a stand. She's grown tired of those around her judging her decisions, especially those she didn't expect that from. She cares about her friends, family, and all the townspeople regardless of who or what they are. Her actions in the premiere set up for a changed and outstanding Sookie.

Love and Sex

Many people were killed in the opening massacre, but that doesn't prevent some from finding solace without their clothes on and in the arms of their loved one. It really wouldn't be a True Blood episode without at least some skin shown or sex, right?

There's a sex scene which could easily end up on the "Best Of" lists at the end of True Blood's run. Skin. Passion. Maybe even love.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO.

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