'True Blood' Recap: Eric Takes the War to Burrell
'True Blood' Recap: Eric Takes the War to Burrell
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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During last week's season 6 premiere, Bilith struggled with his identity, Governor Burrell declared war on the vampire community and Tara got hit with a new anti-vampire weapon. In this week's episode, "The Sun," Jason and Sookie meet a long-lost relative and Sam makes a new pro-supernatural friend. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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Faerie Family Reunion

As many guessed, the stranger who gave Jason a ride back to Bon Temps is not Warlow but Jason and Sookie's faerie grandfather, Niall. After convincing Jason that he is who he says he is, Jason takes Niall to Sookie's home and Niall searches for the portal in Sookie's bathroom. Whatever he finds on the other side tells him that Warlow passed into this realm in the past 24 hours.

Niall explains that Warlow is obsessed with their family because they are the original Fae and their bloodline is royal. Niall is the King of the Faeries, but the gene skipped poor Jason and that is why he does not have Sookie's abilities. Niall teaches Sookie how to harness her light into a magical ball of energy that can destroy a vampire. But he warns her to be careful because she can only use this energy-ball weapon once, and if she does use it, she will cease to be Fae.

Sookie, Meet Your New Love Interest

Sookie has more to deal with in tonight's episode than her faerie grandfather, as she finds another faerie injured in the woods. Sookie helps him, possibly because he is also a half-ling and possibly because he is attractive. Sookie patches her new faerie friend up and sends him on his way to faerie safe-haven -- the faerie club, to be exact -- but not before they get their flirt on and Sookie reveals a bit too much information about herself via telepathy. Yes, Ben can read minds too, something they will surely bond over in the coming episodes.

But unless Sookie's luck has turned around, Ben is probably evil. Even if he is one of the good guys, he clearly came to town to find Sookie, but for what purpose? Has Ben been sent by Warlow? Is he Warlow-in-disguise? Or did someone simply let it slip that there is a hot, single faerie in Bon Temps who just might be ready for a non-vampire boyfriend?

Humans = 1, Vampires = 0

Tara continues to have Sookie-like luck, as the weapon she was shot with is preventing her from healing. With help from Pam and Nora, Eric manages to extract the bullet from Tara's body. Humans are now using silver bullets that emit UV lights, thus gaining the upper-hand in their war against the vampires.

While Nora looks into finding out more about Bilith's nature, Eric decides to pay Governor Burrell a visit. But Eric quickly learns that the new weapons are not the only advantage the humans have -- they know all about glamouring and have designed contact lenses to prevent the vampires from controlling their minds.

Governor Burrell has Eric arrested, but he slips past his human guards and drops in on Burrell's daughter, Willa. Which side will Willa take in the war her father started?

Is Bilith the Vampire God?

Bilith begins the episode with horrific visions of vampires being tortured, as feeling the pain of other vampires is apparently a side-effect of becoming all-powerful. Bilith escapes this pain by going into a vampire-coma and having a chat with Lilith. Lilith tells him that this is the beginning of the end and he has been chosen to finish her work. She also tells him that he is not a god, though he certainly exhibits god-like abilities like breaking every bone in a human's body in order to feed from her. That's unpleasant.

Jessica witnesses Bill's coma and his body-breaking feeding and decides a prayer is in order. She begs God -- who may or may not be taking the form of her maker -- to keep her friends safe and bring Bill back to her. Bilith may not be God, but he does have the ability to see the future and his visions do not bode well for our favorite vampires.

Vampire Unity Society -- Pack Rules

Sam's storyline gets a bit more complicated with the arrival of Nicole, a member of the Vampire Unity Society who wants Sam to "come out" as a shifter. She believes that if all the supes come out at once, the government will not be able to strike them all down and maybe humans and supes can co-exist. Nicole is nice but naive and Sam does not have time to fight for shifters rights' while he is trying to keep Emma safe.

In a plot line we have seen far too many times in the past, Alcide continues to let his new-found pack-master power corrupt him. Alcide wants Sam to hand over Emma so she can be with her pack, but Sam made a promise to Luna that he would keep Emma safe. Also, the last time the pack looked after Emma, she got puppy-napped by two insane vampires, so Luna probably made the right call in choosing Sam as Emma's guardian. But Alcide has a lot of angry friends and Sam does not, so Emma goes with the pack for now. Perhaps Sam's new friend Nicole can help him get Emma back.

Storylines That Should Die

In a "Didn't we have enough of this last season?" plot, Dead Patrick's wife arrives in town to ask Terry if Dead Patrick ran off with another woman. Not one to tarnish a dead soldier's reputation, Terry keeps quiet, but Arlene leads the poor woman to believe that her suspicions are right and Dead Patrick abandoned his family. I wish the show would do the same and dump this storyline for good.

In a slightly-less awful but still mostly pointless plot, Andy tries to visit the faerie club to ask for help with his fast-aging faerie babies. Alas, it seems Andy is on his own for now. Or at least until his daughters are old enough to fight in the supes vs. human war.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like the additions of Ben and Nicole? Do you think Niall can be trusted? Are you bummed Bilith isn't a deity? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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