'True Blood' Recap: Sookie Loses Another Loved One
'True Blood' Recap: Sookie Loses Another Loved One
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode of True Blood, Sookie and several others traveled to the last town the H-vamps hit and realized that there was no one left, as the H-vamps had killed or kidnapped everyone. Back in Bon Temps, Adilyn was captured by an angry mob of armed vigilantes and Lettie Mae had V-induced visions of Tara. Meanwhile, Pam finally tracked down Eric, only to learn he is infected with Hep-V.

In this week's episode, "Fire in the Hole," Sookie asks Bill to help her find the hostages, Pam tries to convince Eric to keep fighting and Anna Camp returns as Sarah Newlin. Read on to find out if the third episode of True Blood season 7 delivers the sex, blood and insanity we have come to expect.

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Eric is Out for Revenge

Pam is devastated by Eric's condition, but she is not willing to give up on him. Pam tells Eric about Tara's true death -- apparently, she did feel Tara die, albeit off-screen -- and it is clear that she cannot lose him, too. But Eric has no interest in fighting. He has been sick for a month, and though he did not get infected on purpose, he sees no reason to prolong his already long life. That is, until Pam tells him that Sarah Newlin is still alive.

Pam explains that no one has seen Sarah since Jason failed to kill her, but Pam believes Sarah is in hiding. Eric musters what strength he has left and tells Pam that they are going to find her.

Who is Sylvie?

Before Pam gives Eric a reason to live, Eric tells Pam that his current state of depression is due to the losses of Godric, Nora and someone named Sylvie. We flashback to 1986 to find Eric and Pam spending their days in the Rhone Valley. Eric is in a relationship with a human named Sylvie and his public displays of feeding on her have drawn the attention of the Authority.

Nan Flanagan drops by to tell Eric and Pam that they need to get in line. She explains that the Authority made a deal with the Yakonomo Corporation to start producing a blood synthetic. This Tru Blood will make mainstreaming possible for all vampires. Eric has no interest in obeying the Authority or the Corporation and Nan says she will pass along that message.

The Corporation is not impressed with Eric's response, so they send a squad of hit men to take care of the problem. These men grab Pam and Sylvie, and force Eric to choose which woman gets to live. Eric chooses to save Pam and is devastated when Sylvie is murdered in front of him. Apparently, Sookie was not the first mortal Eric felt genuine affection for.

The Return of the Newlinator

This week's episode begins with a glimpse of Sarah Newlin at some kind of yoga retreat in California. Sarah is now going by the name "Noomi" and seeking inner peace by hooking up with her guru. But by the end of the episode, Sarah's guru is dead and the same men who killed Eric's human lover some 20-odd years ago are now looking for her.

Does the Corporation know that Sarah killed that Tru Blood representative last season? Will the Corporation's hit men be the ones to kill Sarah or will Eric get to her first?

Sookie's Plan

Sookie takes more of Bill's blood because she has decided to act as vampire-bait and lure the H-vamps into taking her hostage. With Bill's blood in her system, he can track her back to the H-vamps' hide-out and rescue anyone still alive. She tells him to grab Alcide and anyone else willing to help in the rescue mission.

Alas, Sookie spends most of the night waiting for the H-vamps to show up. While they wait, Bill asks Sookie about her relationship with Alcide and she confesses that she does not love Alcide as much as he loves her.

Paths Converge

Since Vince and his vigilantes are attacking anyone different from them, Andy tells Jason that Sookie may be next on their list. Jason and Violet agree to help Andy and Jessica find Sookie. Alcide is already out looking for Sookie, after realizing she went to Bill's.

The H-vamps are now down to just five hostages, including Nicole's baby, so they need to go hunting for more food. They decide to take Holly with them in case they need a snack during the hunt.

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Poor Alcide

The H-vamps send Holly to distract Sookie so they can sneak up on Bill. It seems to be working, but Alcide and the rest of the rescue party arrive just in time. Jason, Andy, Violet, Jessica, Alcide and Sam dispatch the H-vamps to save Holly and Sookie. Alcide is concerned about the H-vamp blood Sookie has all over her, so Violet takes her to wash up. Just then, some of the vigilantes attack and Alcide gets shot.

Jason and Andy take down the vigilantes, while Sookie rushes to Alcide's side. Jessica tells Sookie that one of the vampires could turn Alcide, but Sookie does not want that. Apparently, she learned her lesson with Tara. And so, with that, we have our second major death of the season, as Alcide dies in Sookie's arms.

Other Happenings

-- Sam is the first person Vince and his mob of vigilantes go after. They kill Sam's vampire protector, but Sam shifts into a bird and flies away before they can kill him. Sam later meets up with Alcide to join in the search for Sookie.

-- When Jason, Andy, Jessica and Violet run into the vigilantes, another fight ensues. Maxine winds up shooting Jessica and Violet kills her to scare off the rest of the mob. Jason notices that Jessica is not healing.

-- Lettie Mae is still high on Willa's blood, but Reverend Daniels calms her down enough to get her to sleep. He lets Willa feed from him before he kicks her out, since Lettie Mae will just find another way to manipulate Willa into giving up her blood.

-- James and Lafayette spend the night getting high again. They have a lot in common and they are clearly attracted to one another, but James is still with Jessica so he puts the brakes on anything romantic. At least until he sorts out his current relationship.

-- Andy and Jessica arrive at the station to find that the mob left Adilyn and Wade locked up in the cells. They stash the kids at Jason's place while they go vigilante-hunting.

-- Jessica and Violet do not get along, presumably because Violet resents Jessica's previous connection to Jason. Since both Jessica and Jason's relationships are falling apart, will Jason and Jessica give it another go?

What did you think of this week's episode of True Blood? Were you happy to see Sarah Newlin again? Would you like to see Lafayette and James get together or do you like James with Jessica? Now that Sookie's plan failed, how will they find the other hostages? It seems like Holly has been glamoured into forgetting where she was held. Will Sookie or someone else be able to break through the glamouring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

The final season of True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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