'True Blood' Recap: Sex Dreams and Monster Boxes
'True Blood' Recap: Sex Dreams and Monster Boxes
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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There's a lot to love about this week's episode of True Blood. Jason has his first voluntarily sex of the season. Sookie has a supremely crazy and sexy dream before rushing to save Bill. And, perhaps most importantly, we learn that Alcide sleeps in the nude. You can't go wrong with a gratuitous Joe Manganiello butt shot.

But it's Sookie who's the star, and after Alcide saves her, Bill arrives to feed her his blood. This causes one surreal dream where she sits down with Eric and Bill and explains that she loves them both, and wants to have them both. That leads up to a steamy Devil's Three-way where Sookie wakes up just as Eric and Bill bite her at the same time. Sadly, her dream doesn't include Alcide, once again proving that no matter how many abs a werewolf may have, he'll always lose out to the vampires when it comes to love.

Back from her awesome dream, Sookie finds an unexpected ally in Debbie, Alcide's crazy girlfriend who's back on the V. They infiltrate the Moon Goddess Emporium to break Eric out, but Marntonia stops them. The witch has officially gone bat-poop insane, and even Tara has decided to help Sookie out.

She learns that Marntonia's plan is to have Eric, now under her control, kill Bill at the big Festival of Tolerance. Indeed, the event goes haywire when Marntonia commands Eric and her other vampire minions to attack, but Sookie shows up at the last minute to scream "RUN!" to Bill. How badly do we all want to see Sookie use her fairy powers to zap the crap out of Marntonia right now?

True Blood finally started combining subplots this week, letting characters who don't normally share the screen work together. As a recapper and viewer, I appreciate it when the show throws Hoyt, Jason, Andy, Terry, Arlene, Lafayette and Jesus all into a single storyline.

Jason and Jessica, Sitting in a Truck, F-U-...

Hoyt packs up Jessica's things in a Monster Box (his name for it), and eagle-eyed viewers will notice that one of the items is the first Twilight book. It seems appropriate that Jessica would be a Twi-hard. Later Hoyt asks Jason to deliver the box since he's his best friend, and Jason reluctantly accepts, which brings him face-to-face with Jessica once again. The last time they met, Jason was able to resist his sexual urges, but not this time, because the two end up having raucous sex in the back of his truck. It's good to see Jason getting back into his "sex in public places" rhythm, but would it really have been so hard to do it inside King Bill's mansion, which was completely empty at the time?

Werewolves vs. Shifters

Alcide decides to work with his new pack to please Debbie, but that involves acting as muscle when Marcus tries to get Sam to stop dating his wife. For some reason, Tommy poses as Sam for the meeting, which is a bad idea on every possible level because he gets his butt kicked by the werewolf pack before shifting back into Tommy. That leaves Alcide, who hates violence, to pick up Tommy and carry him away to safety. I still don't get why Tommy did it, but any plan that ends with Alcide carrying you in his arms isn't all bad. While Tommy was getting kicked like a dog, Sam was making sweet love to Luna on a camping trip.

Lafayette and the Beh-by
Arlene and Terry are understandable freaked out by their missing beh-by (which is the best way to spell how Lafayette, possessed by Mavis, says it) and they call in Officer Jason and Sheriff Andy to help. Luckily they get a call from a pantsless Hoyt who was kicked out of his house at gunpoint by Lafayette holding the beh-by. Everyone heads over to figure out what's going on, but Jesus is the one to save the day and figure it out.

He learns that Lafayette is possessed and gets Mavis to work with them to dig up her dead body, and the body of her beh-by, so she can hold him one last time before moving on. It was a cool moment, particularly Terry's reaction to all this magic, but is that the end of the Psycho Beh-by storyline? It was just Mavis doing all of those creepy things? That is weak, and I hope Arlene and Terry's beh-by is still a little messed up, because otherwise this entire subplot was season 4 filler.

There are only three new episodes left in season 4, and next week on True Blood, Sookie uses her special powers to save Bill and then goes on a mission to break Tara out of the Moon Goddess Emporium with help from Lafayette, Jesus and Jason. It's not exactly the A-Team, but it'll have to do.

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