'True Blood' Recap: Is Eric Incapable of Love?
'True Blood' Recap: Is Eric Incapable of Love?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This season of True Blood has officially begun. Sure, this is the fifth episode of season 4, but it's the first time both Sookie and Bill come face-to-face with Marnie, and that's when the real magic starts to happen. This week also brings the return of Godric, a surprising betrayal by Pam and some long-awaited Sookie-Eric action.

Eric is being haunted by the ghost of his maker, Godric, telling him that he's incapable of love and urging him to bite Sookie. Luckily Eric fights his nightmares and spends the night cuddling with Sookie, bringing these two closer and closer. See, all it took was a little amnesia to make these two fall in love.

Sookie decides to do some investigating and tracks down Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium for a séance. Marnie starts to communicate with Sookie's dead grandma, but Sookie uses her telepathy to intercept the communication, which is an awesome use of her powers. Dead Gran warns Sookie to run away because Marnie is dangerous, and while Marnie doesn't understand what's happening, Sookie flees.

Marnie's day goes from bad to worse when Bill's secret witch spy helps him kidnap Marnie and imprison her for answers. But even after getting glamoured, Marnie has no idea how to reverse the spell on Pam.

Pam gets frustrated and, thanks to her badly disfigured face, she accidentally blurts out the fact that Eric has amnesia and he's staying at Sookie's. That makes Pam feel bad enough, but the fact that her ear falls off too is just adding insult to injury.

Back at Sookie's place, Tara finds out that Eric is staying there and freaks out, listing all the terrible things he's done. Feeling bad, Eric tries to leave because he realizes he's a bad man, but Sookie urges him to stay and, in a move four seasons in the making, Sookie and Eric make out and get down. I guess Eric is capable of love, or at least he is when he doesn't remember who he is.

Here's what else is happening with the residents of Bon Temps.

Tommy: Sam's little brother quickly turns the tables on Joe Lee and, in a brutal and raw fight scene, Tommy kills his dad and mom. Sam then helps him dispose of the bodies. If you remember Luna's statements about how killing a member of your family allows a shifter to take the form of actual people, then you know that Tommy is definitely going to be doing some crazy, look-alike stuff in the future.

Jason: As expected, Jason starts to have sex dreams about Jessica now that he's rescued, which is bad news since Jason finally realizes that "every bad thing that's ever happened to me is because of sex." This week's bad thing comes when Jessica turns into Hoyt during a very erotic sex dream, and watching Hoyt ride Jason like a cowboy is something you can't un-see.

Arlene and Terry: They call in Reverend Daniels and his new wife Lettie Mae (Tara's mom) to exorcise the evil ghost of Rene from their house. Instead, after they think everything is solved, a book of matches spontaneously catches on fire. As always, I have no idea where the evil baby storyline is going, but I'm excited about it.

Lafayette and Jesus: These two leave for a Mexican vacation to get some help from Jesus' powerful, magical grandpa who enjoys making little boys kill their pet goats and then lick the blood of a knife.

Alcide: The Shreveport packmaster comes a-knockin' and demands that Alcide and Debbie join him. I guess that's a set-up for the future, because it is completely random and pointless in this episode.

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