'True Blood' Recap: Full Moon Madness
'True Blood' Recap: Full Moon Madness
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The full moon is a dangerous thing on True Blood, and not just because of the werewolves. This week, under the full moon, everybody goes a little mad. Jason has a break with reality in the woods, Jesus and Lafayette have a wild time in Mexico, Pam goes on the attack, Bill shows compassion, Tommy has a big change and the Evil Baby is more evil than ever.

But we start with Eric and Sookie getting hot and heavy following their kiss, only to have big, bad King Bill interrupt the lovemaking. A fight ensues, but after learning who Bill is, Eric bows down before him and willingly goes to his basement prison.

Sookie begs Bill not to hurt him, but Bill wants to kill Eric for good. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam have a fantastic scene where she begs him to be the big, bad Viking killer he is, but Eric chooses pacifism.

Eventually Bill gets the opportunity to kill Eric, but Eric's newfound compassion and reasonable attitude changes his mind and King Bill commits the gracious act of releasing both Eric and Pam from prison.

Pam immediately goes off to lay the smackdown on Tara for her rotting flesh while Eric runs to the woods to make sweet, sweet love to Sookie. It seems like most True Blood sex scenes take place outdoors, and I can't imagine it's very comfortable.

Other than sex in the woods, here's what else went down this week on True Blood.

Evil Baby: Arlene and Terry's evil hellspawn magically burned down the house, and magically transported to outside where he smiles and giggles at a vanishing mystery woman. I'm enjoying this, but the plot needs to move a bit faster and we need to find out what's up with this Satan child. Sheriff Andy shows up to deal with the house fire and, in the process, scores a date with Wiccan waitress Holly. I'm pretty sure this is going to end badly for him.

Who's Tommy: Tommy finally experiences the effects of killing his parents when he shifts into Sam, and then has fun by firing Sookie from Merlotte's and sexing up Luna. Sam Trammell does a remarkable job in this episode, because he walks, talks and acts differently while playing Tommy, which is no easy feat.

Words Come Out of Jason's Face: Sookie finally reconnects with her brother this week and learns all about his werepanther ordeal, though she's more fixated on whether they're like cat versions of werewolves. Jason freaks out about changing, but that night Jessica shows up to calm him down with the help of her heaving bosom. Meanwhile, Alcide confirms to Sookie that Jason isn't really a werepanther because it's genetic and you can't turn someone into one.

Tara and Naomi's Date: Tara's cagefighter girlfriend comes to Bon Temps for answers and spends the day on a sightseeing tour of the town. It's a nice, romantic day for the two of them, until Pam shows up to attack.

Jesus and Lafayette in Mexico: Jesus' crazy grandpa informs them that Marnie is being possessed by an ancient witch, and to prove it, Lafayette briefly gets possessed by Jesus' uncle. I find Lafayette amusing, but these are two characters who could get killed off and I wouldn't care.

The Pack: Alcide and Debbie decide to join the new pack, and the whole thing is as dull as dishwater.

Marnie Gets Her Groove On: Still in prison, Marnie has more crazy visions of Antonia's life, like watching her get raped by a vampire clergyman. In the present, Antonia takes over Marnie, seemingly for good, and compels the same vampire clergyman, who is now one of Bill's sheriffs, to bow down before her.

We're halfway through True Blood season 4, so now it's time for Antonia to take complete control and reveal her big plans.

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