'True Blood' Recap: Everyone Goes Crazy
'True Blood' Recap: Everyone Goes Crazy
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week on True Blood, nearly every single character went a little nuts. From bludgeoning a vampire with a mace to twisting a high school kid's arm to pretending to be gay, everybody had their chance to go crazy.


Trapped by Franklin Mott, Tara constructed a plan to escape with Sookie which started with bashing Franklin's head in with a mace and continued with tricking a guard using a bowl of almonds to gain access to Sookie. After two and a half seasons of being chewed up and spit out by men, it was nice to see Tara kick some major ass. I'm also a bit curious how the foley artist got the sound of Franklin's head being squished by a medieval weapon.

Lorena and Bill

King Russell assigned Lorena with the difficult task of killing Bill, but instead she spent the whole episode crying and cutting him up slowly, leading to a huge bloody mess on the floor.


After trying to negotiate with Russell, Sookie found Bill, only to have Lorena bite her. Sookie certainly found her guts this week, but you'd have to be a little crazy to think you could take on all those vampires and werewolves.


In his master plan to get vengeance against Russell, the man who killed his family, Eric spends the episode flirting with Talbot and Russell, pretending to be gay in order to get closer to them. It's a little unorthodox, but it seems to be working.

Sam's Family

We finally learned the secret of the Mickens family, and it's messed up. Joe Lee used to use his wife the shapeshifter as a dog in a dog-fighting ring, but since she's too old, Tommy has taken over. That's some crazy and disturbing stuff.

Arlene and Jessica

Arlene spends most of this episode being crazy with paranoia that Jessica is going to bite her while Jessica is slowly turning into a psychotic vampire, biting Merlotte's customers for fun.

Lafayette and Jesus

The very tender romance between these two gets undone when the crystal meth dealers return to smash Lafayette's car. He goes crazy on the leader, Jesus takes a bat to ward off the others and he also learns that Lafayette is a drug dealer, and that's a dealbreaker.


After trying and failing to get Crystal, the mystery chick who is definitely a werewolf due to her warm body, love of the outdoors and super sense of smell, Jason finds his high school arch nemesis Kitch Maynard having sex in the backseat of a car parked in front of Merlotte's. Jason slaps him on the butt, forces him outside, then tries to intimidate him.

However, the best Jason can come up with in terms of differences between the two of them is that there's something wrong about Kitch. Jason is obviously crazy, but I think he's right: Kitch will definitely turn out to be something other than human.

That's a whole lot of crazy for one episode of True Blood, so hopefully everyone will calm down and relax next week. Or, more likely, they'll all keep going even crazier.

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