'True Blood' Recap: Eric's Revenge Plan Reaches Its Climax
'True Blood' Recap: Eric's Revenge Plan Reaches Its Climax
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week True Blood is all about survival tips, whether it's surviving a break-up, a werewolf attack, your crazy family or evil vampires. Everybody has different methods of surviving, and some are definitely more homoerotic than others. That's right, it's the True Blood episode that may forever be known as the one where Eric gets it on with another guy.

Eric's Survival Tips

Stage one of Eric's plan for vengeance against Russell was to get into his inner circle. Stage two involved being left alone with Russell's husband, Talbot, for some man-on-man love. Eric strips down, starts to make love to the male vampire and then, when Talbot is ready, Eric takes his revenge by killing the man Russell loves the most. Delivering a fatal blow to a vampire in the middle of gay sex is kind of rude, but it makes for a deliciously satisfying piece of retribution.

Sookie's Survival Tips

After breaking up with Bill, Sookie almost kisses Alcide and continues to defend her love for Bill to everyone who wants her to turn against him. It's a good thing she does, because when Russell and his werewolves come after her, Bill and Jessica are there to kick some werewolf butt. Like any good battle, it comes with the spoils of war, and in this case, victory comes with a side of reconciliation as Bill and Sookie get back together for some fierce, passionate lovemaking.

Tara's Survival Tips

After being trapped in an awful relationship with Franklin, Tara's main survival tip is fear and confused reactions. She goes through all the stages of grief, sleeping, having crazy fantasies about him and being paranoid that Franklin is still out to get her. It's going to take her a while to recover from that trauma.

Crystal's Survival Tips

To get away from the crazy crystal meth-making family, Crystal runs to Jason and makes sweet love to him. As far as survival tips go, finding a hot guy to protect you is pretty good.

Tommy's Survival Tips

After sending his awful parents away, Tommy survives by wanting to start a fight with anyone who looks at him cross-eyed, from Crystal's family to Hoyt. That boy is going to be more trouble than he's worth.

Overall, the characters on True Blood mostly survived the storm and nearly all of the survival involved sex. Of course surviving the aftermath is going to be a long process, since Bill and Sookie will have to fend off everyone being against their relationship, Jason will have to fend off Crystal's freaky family and Eric will have to go head-to-head with Russell now that he's killed Talbot. This could get ugly.

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