True Blood: Preview of Tonight's Season Finale
True Blood: Preview of Tonight's Season Finale
In our recent interview with True Blood's Sam Trammell, the actor hinted that the first season finale of the vampire drama ends with a number of "really exciting cliffhangers."  Viewers will no doubt be left on the edge of their seats as tonight's big season ender, entitled "You'll Be the Death of Me," wraps up.  Last week's episode revealed the identity of the Bon Temps serial killer, but will Sookie and Sam figure out who it is before he kills again?

To get fans ready for tonight's finale, we have an exciting promo for the episode.

HBO's official description of the True Blood finale reads: "With Jason rotting in jail, Tara living with a mysterious stranger and Sookie stalked by a fang-hating psychopath, Bon Temps can't get much more dangerous.  And by the time this showdown ends, the small town will be just a little bit smaller."

If the promo for the episode is any indication, the finale will be setting up some very interesting story lines for next season.  We already know that Michelle Forbes, who plays the mysterious Maryann, will be a series regular next year, so it's possible her newfound friendship with Tara will take an interesting turn.  It also looks like Jason may get involved in some kind of anti-vampire/religious cult called The Fellowship of the Sun.  Jason does seem like the type who would get sucked into a weird cult, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes down that road next season.

In our interview with Sam Trammell, he also mentioned that the season finale includes a "juicy death."  Who could it be?  Assuming someone aside from the villainous Rene bites the dust, my money is on Arlene, Eric or one of the police officers.  For a few hints about what's to come, check out the promo below.

The first season finale of True Blood airs tonight at 9pm on HBO.  The second season starts filming in January, and will likely air in the summer of 2009.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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