True Blood: Preview of Episode 11 "To Love is To Bury"
True Blood: Preview of Episode 11 "To Love is To Bury"
With only two episodes remaining in True Blood's first season, it's time to start preparing ourselves for the long hiatus we'll have to endure before season 2 premieres.  It may be a while before we get a chance to visit the town of Bon Temps again, so I'm hoping next week's season finale doesn't leave us with any stressful cliffhangers. 

The past few episodes of the series have really moved the plot forward at a breakneck pace, ramping up the tension and leaving viewers hungering for more.  Last week's installment found Bill attending the vampire tribunal, Sookie being stalked by the town serial killer, Tara learning the truth about her exorcist, and Jason getting into deeper trouble than usual.  Read on to see a description and promo for tonight's episode, entitled "To Love is To Bury."

HBO's official description of the episode reads: "Bill's sentence turns out a bit differently than he and Eric expected, and Sam (Sam Trammell) and Sookie partner up to track a killer.  Jason finds himself in trouble again, while Tara (Rutina Wesley) is bailed out by a beautiful and mysterious stranger."

In my opinion, the biggest surprise in last week's episode was Amy's quick staking of Eddie.  I had been rooting for Jason (Ryan Kwanten) to set the vampire free, but the instant he tried to step up and take control of the situation things went terribly wrong.  There have been moments in the past few episodes where Amy has seemed like a genuinely good influence on Jason, but I think it's become obvious that she's totally off her rocker.  The promo for tonight's episode shows Jason finally standing up to the crazy V-lover, but will she get out of his life without causing more trouble?

Aside from the drama between Jason and Amy, the promo features some other interesting scenes.  Tara is thrown in jail, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) makes a move on the senator at a public gathering, Sookie (Anna Paquin) rescinds Bill's invitation to come into her house, and the cops grill Jason about the murders yet again.  You can check out the promo below.

The new episode of True Blood, "To Love is To Bury," airs tonight at 9pm on HBO.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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