True Blood: Preview of Episode 8 "Fourth Man in the Fire"
True Blood: Preview of Episode 8 "Fourth Man in the Fire"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Previously on True Blood, viewers learned about Sookie's awful childhood involving her uncle Bartlett that spurred Bill into action, and despite her reservations, Tara agreed to pay for an exorcism to purge her mother Lettie Mae of a demon.  Jason, on the other hand, went to Fangtasia where he encountered an adventurous woman named Amy. The episode came to a close after a trio of rednecks decided to exact revenge on a pack of vampires who crashed Merlotte's in search of their wayward mate Bill.

Read on for a preview of tonight's episode of True Blood.
Warning: May contain spoilers.

In the eighth episode of True Blood called “Fourth Man in the Fire,” Sookie becomes grief-stricken after witnessing the destruction of the vampire nest and prepares herself for yet another possible tragedy.  Marveling at her mother's transformation, Tara thinks of a new method in dealing with her anger by adopting a similar therapy to Lettie Mae.

Meanwhile, Jason is overjoyed that he has found a soul mate in V-snorting Amy.  In fact, she's even a hit at Merlotte's.  But when the V juice runs out, Amy's mood darkens and Jason gets a taste of her dark side, which could send him away beyond his dubious boundaries.

“Fourth Man in the Fire,” which was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Alexander Woo, also finds Rene proposing to Arlene while Sookie is babysitting her kids.

True Blood stars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, Carrie Preston as Arlene Fowler, Chris Bauer as Andy Bellefleur, Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry, Lynn Collins as Dawn Green, Michael Raymond-James as Rene Lenier, Nelson Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds, Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton, Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse, Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte, Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton, and William Sanderson as Bud Dearborne.

Don't forget to catch “Fourth Man in the Fire” tonight at 9pm on HBO.

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