True Blood: Jason Stackhouse Gets a Roommate and More
True Blood: Jason Stackhouse Gets a Roommate and More
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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In about five months from now, True Blood will be returning to our TV screens for its highly anticipated third season. A lot of actors have already been enlisted to spice up the cast and plenty of juicy spoilers have already been leaked, which just proves how awesome the new season is going to be. But another thing to look forward to this season is Jason Stackhouse, the show's resident womanizer who seems to have a lot going on for him, according to TV Guide Magazine.

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Jason will be getting a roommate and he's not someone we haven't met before. Hoyt, the ex-virgin road crew pal of Jason, will be bunking with Stackhouse, and will be learning a few tricks in the process.

"Jason lets me sleep on the couch," Jim Parrack (Hoyt) tells TV Guide Magazine. "We're definitely the Odd Couple."

"Rooming with Jason will lead to some pretty adventurous times," adds Ryan Kwanten (Jason). "He'll encourage Hoyt to sow his oats. In the first episode, my character wakes up with two women."

As for Hoyt, it's not clear yet whether he and vamp love interest Jessica get back together when True Blood returns. However, Parrack does hint that he's not over her yet. When Hoyt gets invited into bed by some of Jason's girls, Hoyt decides [to stand by my girl]. Meanwhile, Jason is left to "entertain them myself!"

Nothing surprising here. Jason has always enjoyed the company of women and is not going to let his boring roomy stand in his way. What's unexpected, though, is he might be turning a new leaf as he gets a meaningful romance. "He will find love in the werewolf world," Kwanten reveals. If you want to know more about what's in store for Jason in the third season, read our True Blood spoilers here.

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