'True Blood' Exclusive Interview: Jamie Gray Hyder on the Evolving Wolf Pack and Alcide as a Packmaster
'True Blood' Exclusive Interview: Jamie Gray Hyder on the Evolving Wolf Pack and Alcide as a Packmaster
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A war is brewing between the humans and the vampires on True Blood, while the werewolves are dealing with their own internal struggles. BuddyTV spoke with Jamie Gray Hyder who plays the werewolf Danielle about the various fights happening in Bon Temps. She discusses the decision to take Emma, Alcide (Joe Manganiello) as Packmaster, and much more.

Read on for edited excerpts from the interview with Jamie Gray Hyder.

How is it to play the role of Danielle this season?

It's been great. This is my second season on the show. My character was more minor last season and this season they upped my role and I've gotten to do some really fun stuff. I'm having a really good time this season with the character.

How do you think Danielle fits into the wolf pack this season?

I think as her role on the show has increased so has her role in the pack. I think that she's very much an opportunist. Last season, she was willing to do V and also other stuff to impress the pack leader who was in power. And, now there's a new pack leader and she's vying for his attention. I think that she just wants to go along and be part of what's going on and prove that she's a viable asset to the pack.

What is Danielle's relationship with Alcide as the new Packmaster?

I think [she's] going to continue to do whatever [she] can to appear valuable to him and the dynamics of everybody kinda changes throughout the season as we continue.

In the last episode, there was the fight for Emma. Will that spark another war between the wolves and the shapeshifters?

Definitely. I think that we have just opened up a whole can of worms with what happened. In taking Emma, we've now involving a whole other group of people in our lives and in the pack. There's so much drama going on in the town that I think that a big issue for us was that choice. 

You'll just have to see how the season plays out because it's definitely now causing a lot more people to interact with us. And we probably should keep it to ourselves, but Emma's a wolf and we feel that it's important that she's with us and with her grandmother and with the pack.

In the premiere, there was a line about how even after the V wore off on Alcide that power is a drug in and of itself. We saw that when he came to take Emma. He's previously been one of the more level-headed of the supernatural creatures, but in that scene there was no talking to him. Does being Packmaster change him?

I think that not only having to step up and be pack leader -- not only that has changed him --but the times. Desperate times call for desperate measures and that's exactly what's happening. In the world of True Blood, there's just heightened stakes. 

With the vampires being attacked, they don't know who is going to be the next group targeted. And, I think that he's doing what he's got to do in order for us to survive in these crazy circumstances. We are seeing a more aggressive side of Alcide, but we're also a really hard group of people to control. A very hard group of creatures to control. 

I think that it does require him to step up and show a little more aggression than usual to assert himself. And, in the case of Emma, we went to Sam's with a mission and we knew that we had to leave with her. We really do feel that she's safest with us. So, even though Alcide's aggression is there, it's simply there to help others. I think definitely being Packmaser will require a certain level of aggression and being forceful. We're just a really unruly group and with everything crumbling around us it's really requiring he to do.

Will Danielle have anything to do with Emma?

The whole pack wants her there. They want to protect her and take care of her. They want to integrate her into the lifestyle that we fell she should be a part of. 

How will Emma fit within the pack?

What's right is right. She's a werewolf. She needs to be with other werewolves. Her dad was a werewolf. Her grandmother's a werewolf. And, while Sam absolutely cares for her I don't think he's capable of giving her the type of upbringing that she needs. 

With the vampire-human war getting heated, will the werewolves be able to keep out of this supernatural war? Or, will they be pulled into the fight?

I think we're trying to keep to ourselves as best as possible. We're trying to look out for our own, but there's no doubt that with such a big conflict going on in Bon Temps and in the State of Louisiana that we'll be able to stay out of the conflict.

You saw the young group that came into Merlotte's and they were spying on us. So, we don't know what's going to happen with all that. Everybody is a target at this point. You can't help but be involved in the conflict that's going on at large.

True Blood airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO.

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