'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Bill and Sookie Before the Season 7 Premiere
'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Bill and Sookie Before the Season 7 Premiere
Bill King
Bill King
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Before the season 6 premiere of True Blood in 2013, we told you each main character's story over five years and 60 episodes. As the HBO vampire drama enters its seventh and final season, here are the updates you need to know in order to catch up.

In this edition, we'll cover the two big ones: Vampire Bill Compton and fading faerie Sookie Stackhouse. You can watch the season 7 premiere on Sunday, June 22 at 9pm.

Bill Compton in Season 6

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Bilith Arises

Season 5 ended with Bill Compton drinking the entire vial of Lilith's blood, then melting down into a pool of goop and being born again as blood-covered Bilith, all in front of Eric and Sookie. As they flee the Vampire Authority headquarters, Bill goes on a rampage and destroys the compound. The building explodes, and Bill flies away from the scene.

He returns to his home and summons Jessica, and he is sitting on the porch in a rocking chair when his progeny and Sookie arrive. Bill claims he just wants to talk, but before any conversation can happen, Eric and Nora fly in and attack him. He tosses Nora across the porch and is about to kill Eric when Sookie stakes him. He doesn't die, calmly pulling the stake from his chest and repeating that he means no harm. If so, Sookie says, he should leave and never come back. Jessica kicks everyone out of the house.

Later, Bill brings Jessica a Tru Blood in her room, and when she places the cup awkwardly on the table and it falls, Bill stops everything in mid air and floats beverage and container back to the nightstand. Jessica asks what he has become, and he says that while he doesn't know, he is looking for answers and needs her around to keep him honest, because she is the only one he can trust. 

Blood-Covered Naked Chicks from the Beyond

As Bill sits in the study reading from the Book of Lilith, he begins to see visions and feel the pain of vampires being tortured around the globe. Then three blood-covered Lilith minions (henceforth known as Linions) arrive and whisk him off to a daylight meadow where he meets Lilith, who tells him to listen carefully because there isn't much time.

Lilith says a tyrant is rising and that it is the beginning of the end, and Bill has been chosen to complete her work after he proved himself worthy by winning her blood. He asks if he is a god, and she says no, and neither is she. Despite the fact that some will worship them as such, there is no god but God. This appeases the Christian viewers, who may now continue watching the show. 

Lilith tells him to trust what he knows and sees, and when the time comes, he'll know exactly what to do. With that, he awakes from the trance he was in during all this, and he learns that he drained a hooker Jessica had gotten to feed him by twisting her body in the air and siphoning all her blood through her skin and into his mouth. 

Then he turns on the TV and sees one of his visions regarding vamp torture playing out on the news. He has another vision of Jessica, Tara, Pam, Nora and other vampires standing in a white circular room when the ceiling opens, letting in UV light that burns all the victims. After Jessica prods, he admits the prediction but promises he will be there to stop it.

Take These Melted Wings, and Learn to Daywalk Again

Bill is convinced he can now withstand the sun's rays, because he was outside in one of his visions. Instead, he bursts into flames and barely makes it inside before Jessica extinguishes him. She demands to be able to help with all this, so he tells her to dress like a slutty schoolgirl and "recruit" professor Hido Takahashi, who invented Tru Blood, from the University of Louisiana. 

While she is off on her mission, Bill pays Sookie a visit and finds he can enter the house without an invitation. He says he needs her help, and that if she refuses, every vampire she knows will die. He has seen the future, and they only way he can save everyone is by synthesizing her faerie blood into a Tru Blood-like concoction. She refuses, and he tells her she is now dead to him. Which is funny, because he's dead to everyone.

On his way home, Bill runs into Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, who admonishes him for being out after curfew under the new anti-vampire rules instituted by Governor Burrell. Bill smells faerie on a toy in the police car, and Andy admits he has children now. Bill promises to go straight home and walks off with a new plan.

The Life and Death of a Rapidly-Maturing Faerie

After Andy's girls transform into 17-year-olds overnight, they sneak out in an attempt to buy alcohol, with Jessica and Bill lying in wait. Jessica wins their trust by glamouring the clerk into giving them the beer for free and invites them to party at Bill's house, where he lures one into his study with promises of sex. Instead, he draws two vials of her blood and delivers them to Takahashi, who is locked up in the basement.

Takahashi is lamenting the difficulty in synthesizing this unstable form of blood, and Bill tells him failure is not an option. Then there are screams from upstairs, and BIll rushes in to find that Jessica has drained all the faeries. 

Drunk on their blood, a guilt-ridden Jessica tries to kiss Bill, who pushes her away before feeling a searing pain in his chest (in the same spot where Sookie is burning Warlow, who is Lilith's, and by default Bilith's, progeny). He then sees visions of Lilith and all the vampires she parented. 

Recruiting the Hybrid

Bill races to Sookie's house and declares that Warlow, who is both faerie and vampire, is his progeny and must obey him. Warlow puts up a verbal fight, but he is powerless to ignore Bill's command that they leave together. Bill brings him to Takahashi and explains that since he merged with Lilith by drinking her blood, he has control over the vampires who call her maker. 

But Warlow despises vampires and has no interest in helping, so he grabs and threatens to kill Takahashi. He argues with Bill as he would Lilith, declaring that she made him into a monster, and Bill retorts that he knew better than to return to the faerie camp. 

We see a flashback of Lilith turning Warlow and warning him never to return to his faerie brethren, but he does anyway and is overcome by bloodlust before killing his entire tribe (except baby Naill, but that's for Sookie's story). In the present, he tells Bill he hates vampires and would love to see the entire race destroyed, then we flash back again to Warlow using his faerie magic to blast a hole in the ceiling of Lilith's cave, forcing her to meet the sun.

Home, Home on the Faerie Range

Bill and Warlow are arguing when Bill feels Sookie's fear at being drowned by the ghost of her father, who is possessing Lafayette's body (again, see Sookie's story). Because it is daylight, Bill allows Warlow to leave and save her. Afterwards, he again summons Warlow but gets no response, as Sookie has moved him to the faerie plane. 

Bill realizes Jessica is gone and that his vision of the vampires burning alive is starting to come to fruition, so he calls on Lilith for advice. When she doesn't answer, he orders Takahashi to drain him of his blood so he can meet Lilith and then, you know, just put it all back in. Takahashi obeys and the Linions come a calling. 

Bill wants answers, but Lilith only responds in riddles, and despite Bill's whining about how he was forced into all this, she reminds him that the fought for her blood and is now the one responsible for the outcome. It's time for him to act, she says, and he is never to come looking for answers again. He awakens to a TV news report of Governor Burrell backing Tru Blood (because he has secretly spiked it with Hep V), and he realizes the political leader is the tyrant Lilith spoke of and that there's no time to waste. 

He drinks the only vial of Warlow's blood that he has, even though it means there will be no synthesizing, and daywalks into Burrell's backyard. With his newfound power, even silver bullets filled with UV light inside have no effect, and he makes the guards point their weapons at each other and pull the triggers. Burrell claims his death will make him a martyr, and Bill rips his head off and leaves it on a pedestal. 

Eric and Nora's Finite Playlists

Bill is back and home when a distraught Eric arrives carrying the diseased Nora in his arms. She has been infected with Hep V as punishment for Eric's turning of Burrell's daughter Willa, and she is close to death. Eric pleads that he doesn't know what Bill is, but if he's a god, then he must save Eric's dying sister. Nora, though, refuses to drink any more of Lilith's blood after all the trouble it caused, and Bill will not go against her dying wishes.

Later, Eric confronts Bill in the daytime to ask how he is walking in the sun. Bill explains that he drank the blood of a vampire-faerie hybrid and of the vision he had of all the vampires burning alive. Eric tells him about the death camps and links his help to Bill saving Nora, but she's still not interested in his blood. Eric suggests they try Warlow's, so Bill heads off in search for more.

He visits Sookie at Arlene's house, first offering his condolences over Terry's death before imploring Sookie to hand over Warlow so that they can save the vampires. Save the vampires! 

Bill returns to find Nora a gooey, stringy mess, and Eric confronts him about whether or not he saw her death in a vision. He blames her demise on Bill's love for Sookie, which he claims prevented him from getting to Warlow sooner. Bill uses his powers to levitate Eric and then kicks him out of the house. 

Bride of Warlowstein

Sookie pays Bill a visit and informs him that Warlow is only willing to help out if Sookie becomes his faerie vampire bride, which Bill seems to think is a fair trade to save her friends. She initially wants more time to think ... women ... but then decides to stop fighting fate. So she gets gussied up in a black lace dress and has Bill take her to the cemetery. They travel to the faerie plane for the turning, only to find Warlow nearly drained to death (by Eric).

Sookie heals Warlow, and Bill threatens Sookie's life and demands that they travel back to the real world immediately. But Sookie says the deal is off thanks to Eric, and she blasts Bill off the plane. 

Fulfilling the Prophecy

Bill rushes to the vamp camp and follows Eric's trail of destruction inside, where he finds vampires rampaging about, attacking everyone in sight. He comes across Dr. Overlark, who has had his genitals ripped off by Eric, and Bill mercy kills him after the doctor admits he hurt Jessica. 

Realizing he has no options but to save the vampires with his own blood, Bill has a guard take him to the white circular room from his vision. There, he feeds Jessica, Willa, Pam, Tara, Violet and James just as Sarah Newlin opens the ceiling to let the sun in. Eric holds Steve Newlin in the light before he has a chance to drink.

Warlow's destiny all along was to save the vampires, whether he wanted to or not, and now Bill has used his blood to fulfill that mission. But all the saved vampires, reveling in their freedom from the sun, rush outside and begin destroyed the contaminated Tru Blood, leaving Bill a bloodied mess in the room. As he lays there, the Linions return to claim him, telling him his time on earth has come to an end. He tells them to piss off and summons Jessica.

Saving Sookie

Jessica and James return to feed Bill and heal him, and they all return to the Compton house, where the rescued vampires strip down, dance and play volleyball in the sun. Sookie hears the commotion and approaches, and Bill watches the scene filled with sadness, because he knows where Sookie is headed after this. He confides in Jessica that his special powers are gone, leaving him just plain ol' Bill Compton, as well as the details of the deal Sookie made with Warlow. 

Jessica demands that they stop it, and that this is Bill's chance to make things right. They recruit Jason and Violet, who in turn convince Andy's surviving daughter Adilyn to get them to the faerie plane. Meanwhile, Bill takes Takahashi out into the woods, places a bag of money at his feet and glamours him to forget the past few weeks and return home to his wife and kids.

Bill, Adilyn, Andy, Violet and Jason arrive at the cemetery, and Violet scares the young faerie into opening the portal. Bill and Warlow fight, but regular Bill is no match for the old hybrid. During the melee, Violet grabs Sookie and carries her out the cemetery leaving only Bill and Warlow behind. Warlow uses his light to follow, and Bill grabs onto his leg and leaves with him. 

Warlow chases Sookie into her house, but Bill cannot enter without an invitation, so he's on the sidelines (again) while others come to Sookie's rescue and kill Warlow. 

Six Months Later

As the Hep V epidemic sweeps across vampire nation, Bill is on TV to promote his new book, "And God Bled." In it, he explains the true origin of the outbreak and is now the poster boy for uniting humans and vampires. He admits that he killed Burrell and claims vampires used to be equally afraid of humans. But now that one in eight vampires is infected, it's time to put aside the differences.

Later, outside a mixer at Bellefleur's (now-Mayor Sam Merlotte has sold the establishment to Arlene) where vampires and humans are attempting to forge a symbiotic one-on-one food-protection relationship, Bill approaches Sookie and her now-boyfriend Alcide in the parking lot. 

He asks her if she found a vampire at the social, and Alcide promises he is all the protection she needs. But Bill insists that's not enough, and that Sookie needs to be kept safe above all others. Then, as tensions escalate, both Bill and Alcide smell a pack of infected vampires approaching the bar. 

Sookie Stackhouse in Season 6

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Escaping the Authority

After watching Bill drink Lilith's blood, melt down into a pool of red liquid and be reborn as Bilith, Eric and Sookie run for their lives. They get trapped in an elevator as Bill destroys the building, so Sookie uses her faerie magic to light the darkness and allow Eric to find an escape route. They steal an Authority SUV and pick up Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica and Jason, who have also fled the compound, which explodes as the blood-covered Bill flies away from the scene.

Sookie consoles Jessica, who has professed her love for Jason and been rejected, while Nora glamours Jason to find out what he knows about Warlow, which is only that he killed their parents. After the glamour fades, Jason pulls a gun on Nora and proclaims that he's sick and tired of being brain raped by vampires. When Sookie steps in front of the gun, he declares that she loves vampires more than her own brother and stalks off, stating that she is dead to him now. 

Jessica suddenly doubles over in pain and screams that Bill is summoning her. Eric tries to prevent her from responding, and she vomits blood all over him before dropping the ground, writhing in pain. Sookie agrees to take her to Bill, and Eric makes sure she does it on her own by ordering Tara and Pam back to Fangtasia. 

Bill's Future at Stake

Sookie and Jessica follow a trail of bloody footprints into the Compton house, where they find Bill sitting peacefully in a rocking chair. Bill claims he just wants to talk, when Nora and Eric arrive and attack him. As he's about to kill Eric, Sookie stakes him. He calmly pulls the stake from his chest and repeats that he just wants to talk. Jessica turns on the group and tells them all to leave.

Eric walks Sookie home, and they reminisce about the good old days and when they first met. Eric gives Sookie her house back in a contract of blood and promises he will mail the actual deed. She rescinds his invitation, and they say goodbye through the door.

Later, as Sookie sleeps, the contract her parents signed that promised her to Warlow begins to glow under her bed, signifying his escape from the dimension he's been trapped in since the night he killed Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse (after smelling Sookie's blood on a bandage in the backseat). 

Acting Irresponsible 

Sookie awakens to a phone call from Arlene telling her she is late for her shift at Merlotte's, and she walks to work because her car still isn't fixed from its crash last season. She hears a scream from the woods and finds wounded handsome stranger Ben hiding behind a bush, claiming he's been attacked by a vampire who smelled his blood. She reads his thoughts and realizes Ben is a faerie, and despite her better judgement, she brings the hottie to her home to clean up his wounds. F work, am I right?

Since the world isn't a safe place for fae these days, she decides to lead him to the faerie bar Hot Wings, and they get to know each other on the way. He asks her out and she politely refuses, saying she's not in a good place for that. She thinks about Bill, and Ben reads her mind and asks about him. She shuts down, points him the rest of the way and goes off in the opposite direction.

Extending the Family

When Sookie arrives home, Jason is waiting with faerie Godfather Niall, who offers his backstory over dinner. The family's faerie bloodlines trace back to the first of all their kind, so they are considered royalty. Niall is king of their tribe, and Sookie is a princess, while Jason is nothing since the gene skipped him. 

Warlow massacred Niall's village when he was a child, killing his parents but unable to take the life of a baby. From that moment on, he tracked Warlow, who reappeared after confronting one of Niall's sons and forcing him to enter into the contract that gives Sookie to him. 

He was last seen the night he killed the Stackhouses, after which Claudine blasted him into the dark realm where he had been ever since, prior to his escape. 

The Deadly Orb of Light

Niall explains to Sookie that a special power is passed down through the generations that only their bloodline can use -- the ability to create an orb of light that can kill any vampire. But for Sookie, it can only be used as a last resort, as using it would likely drain her light completely. He also teaches her how to make her magic go further while consuming fewer resources. 

With his visions gone, Jason is struck by a debilitating headache that prevents him from fighting for Sookie when Warlow is presumed to have appeared outside the house (we don't see him). 

Niall leaves to take the fight to Warlow, while Sookie takes care of Jason. He confesses the hallucinations he's been having about their parents and says he hates to think of them that way, and Sookie tells him that no one is perfect, even if he chooses to remember them that way, and they'll always love their parents anyway.

Enter Bilith (Sans Invitation)

Sookie answers a knock at the door and finds Bill on the other side, now able to enter the home despite not receiving an invitation. He demands she help to save the lives of her vampire friends who will all die if she declines, saying he needs her faerie blood for synthesizing, but she refuses. He tells her she is dead to him, and it seems Sookie is getting a lot of that these days.

Ben and Niall show up to tell her that they found all the faeries dead at the Hot Wings bar, at Warlow's hands, and Sookie feels responsible (which she is, because she took Benlow there). While Ben and Sookie chit chat about being able to read each other's minds, Niall hears a noise outside and assumes it's Warlow, but instead finds Nora, who is herself looking for Warlow. 

She runs away at screams from Jason, who collapses, unconscious. Sookie and Ben carry him back inside, and while a desperate Sookie decries the need for V, Ben secretly bites his arm and feeds Jason his blood. To hide his true identity as a faerie vampire, he tells Sookie that Jason woke up of his own accord. 

Uncovering Benlow

Sookie is confused by Jason's sudden good health, and she begins to question Ben's motives, convinced he is not what he appears to be. She finds a drop of blood on the ground near where Jason recovered, and she analyzes it with her faerie abilities and matches it to Ben. To test her theory, she invites Ben to dinner under the guise of rewarding him for all his noble actions. Then she buys a bottle of silver and tells Niall and Jason to stay away for the night.

Ben eats the silver-laden meal without any ill effects, and Sookie opens up about Bill and that they broke up because he lied to her (is that why the broke up?). Saying Ben passed all her tests, they embark on a frantic makeout session on the couch before Sookie lights her deadly fireball and holds it to Ben's back, telling Warlow to get off her or die.

He explains that he has loved her for decades, but she is sick of vampires ruining her life and wants to know why anyone who supposedly cares so much for her would kill her parents. Then he drops the bombshell that Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse were actually trying to kill her, and that he intervened to save her life. So she blasts him with deadly force, only to find that his wounds heal instantly. He says she belongs to him, but she counters that no one is allowed to own her.

Bill arrives, further agitating Sookie, who thinks he's there for another chat with her. Instead, he declares that Warlow is his progeny and must obey his commands. Warlow puts up a verbal fight, but he is powerless to ignore Bill's order that they leave together. None of this makes any sense to Sookie.

The Truth About Mom and Dad

Sookie goes to Merlotte's and asks for Lafayette's help contacting her parents so that she can find out if what Warlow said was true. He reluctantly agrees and gets in touch with Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse from the beyond, but he's unable to make out what they are trying to tell him. 

Sookie takes his hand and reads his thoughts, getting sucked into the day before her parents died and seeing their confrontation with Warlow, during which he vowed to make her a vampire-faerie hybrid like himself. 

Desperate to save her from this fate, dad-of-the-year Corbett drugs toddler Sookie and locks her in the trunk, intending to drown her in the lake, meaning Warlow was indeed telling the truth. Sookie comes back to the present and argues with the ghost of her father, who vows to finish what he started by possessing Lafayette and attacking her. 

He puts her in the trunk, drives to the lake and holds her head under water until Warlow flies in and knocks Lafayette into a tree. He's about to bite Corbett/Lafayette, but Sookie stops him and tells him of the possession. Instead, they use faerie magic to force Corbett out. 

Sookie, Warlow and Lafayette are talking when Bill again summons Warlow. As a thank you for saving her, Sookie takes him onto the faerie plane, cutting him off from his psuedo-maker.

Kinky Bondage

Sensing that night is coming and worried he won't be able to control his vampire-ly urges, Warlow insists that Sookie tie him up. She binds him to a statue, and they continue to grow their relationship over talk of her parents, how Sookie is innocent and worth waiting for, how he's willing to tear of the contract if she'd be with him willingly and how she'd be perfect to turn because then they could survive off each other's blood and wouldn't need anyone or anything and could go anywhere. 

She strengthens his bonds with faerie magic, feeds him with her blood, gets naked and bangs him as light emanates from between their, uh, connection. After realizing it's the first time in forever that she's had a little afternoon delight, she shoots down his belief that the sex was an acceptance of his proposal. Meanwhile, crazy rushy Warlow is writing his wedding vows. Sookie, however, wants to take it slow.

The encounter ends when Sookie hears Alrene crying in the cemetery and rushes off the plane to learn that Terry has been fatally shot. 

Warlow, Bill and Sam, Oh My

Sookie consoles her friend, promising that she'll get through it, then she and Lafayette head to the bank, where Terry has a safety deposit box he gave Lafayette the key to before his death. Inside, they find a $2 million insurance policy for Arlene and the kids.

Back at Arlene's, Sookie sees Andy's surviving daughter and recognizes her as faerie. They communicate telepathically before Holly's sons Wade and Rocky enter. Then Bill shows up, first offering his condolences over Terry's death before imploring Sookie to hand over Warlow so that they can save the vampires, as he has proof that all of her friends are at the vampire concentration camp.

She returns to and feeds Warlow before apprising him of the situation and requesting he help Bill. He agrees, but only if she lets him turn her into his hybrid bride. She says she needs time to think it over, then pays Bill a visit to convey Warlow's terms, which he thinks are fair. 

Contemplating one last chance at normalcy, she visits Sam, shows him that her faerie magic is waning and ponders if she should use it all up and stop being special, because part of her always thought the two of them would end up together. Sam lambastes her timing, accuses her of always keeping him on the back burner and tells her Nicole is pregnant. A stunned and embarrassed Sookie congratulates him and leaves.

Accepting Fate

Sookie brings flowers to her parents' graves, where she informs them that her memories are now tarnished by the fact they wanted her dead. She decides to become that which her parents were willing to kill over, because death isn't the end anymore. She would rather be a corpse roaming the earth than be buried next to them. 

She leaves a voicemail for Jason (who is at the vamp camp), noting they haven't seen Niall in a long time (because Warlow banished him to another realm and glamoured Jason into forgetting about it), before getting gussied up in a black lace dress and calling Bill to take her to the cemetery. They travel to the faerie plane for the turning, only to find Warlow nearly drained to death by Eric.

Sookie feeds Warlow, and Bill threatens Sookie's life and demands that they travel back to the real world immediately. But Sookie says the deal is off thanks to Eric, and she blasts Bill off the plane. She promises to honor the promise she made to Warlow, but first she has to attend Terry's funeral.

A Fond Farewell and a Heated Hello

After overhearing Mrs. Bellefleur ask Portia if Sookie is the weirdo, which she ignores, she is greeted by Alcide. She then overhears Arlene thinking that she's not ready to say goodbye, so Sookie offers her own eulogy to buy some time.

She tells the crowd of mourners how she is a telepath and had a different take on Terry's first shift at Merlotte's that she never told anyone. She listened to his thoughts that day, and found that even though another waitress was hitting on him, Terry thought Arlene was beautiful right from the start. After her touching speech and the funeral, she overhears that Arlene is happy with how it all turned out.

Alcide asks if she needs a ride to the Bellefleur's, and they go on a walk through the cemetery so that Sookie can clear her head. She is impressed with his ability to keep his thoughts quiet when she needs peace, until they both hear noises coming from the Compton house and he smells vampires. In the front yard, they find all the vamps who escaped from the concentration camp walking in the daylight. Sookie approaches Jason, telling Alcide to go.

Crashing a Vampire Sunfest

Sookie reconnects with Jason and her friends, much to the jealous outrage of Violet. But once Jason convinces her that Sookie is actually his sister, Violet kisses her on the lips multiple times. It's not really significant, but it was fun to watch. Still, Jason tells her not to fret over the strange relationship, because he feels protected. 

Pam hugs Sookie as well, telling her she is happy to see her, and Tara informs her she can't hate Bill anymore because he saved everyone with his blood. Sookie hugs them back and says her goodbyes before heading back to the faerie plane to accept her fate.

There, she finds that Warlow has decorated all the trees for their wedding. As he gushes about the ancient soulmate ceremony used by royal faerie tribes, she's like, hold up, can't we just date for awhile, live in the real world and see how it works? If she's going to keep her promise anyway, why do they have to rush? And then the punches start flying.

Rescues are a Family Affair

Warlow is clearly not happy at being asked to wait longer, so he knocks her to the ground, picks her up by her neck, ties her to the tree and demands to know who she thinks she is talking to. Did she think he waited 5,500 years to pal around with her buddies in some hick town?

She generates her supernova, with the intention of throwing it away to avoid being a hybrid, so he adds more ropes to her bindings to stop her. He is feeding on her when Bill, Adilyn, Andy, Jason and Violet show up on the plane. While Bill fights Warlow, Violet grabs Sookie and brings her back to the cemetery with the rest of them. 

Jason carries her into her house with Violet as Adilyn hides in the vampire cubby and Andy secures the outside. Violet feeds Sookie her blood as Warlow storms inside, and he zaps Violet into Jason, knocking them both unconscious.

Warlow finds Sookie hiding in the bathtub and tells her she'll eventually learn to love him, even if it takes a few thousand years. He is pulling her out when Niall appears through the bathroom portal, grabs Warlow and screams for Jason, who rushes into the room and stakes the vampire.

What Does the Future Hold?

Six months later, at Sookie's house, she is watching Bill's TV interview on his book and the real source of the Hep V plague that is killing off vampires when Alcide walks into the room, kisses her, tosses her over his shoulder and takes her to bed. Apparently, they are now a couple and live together.

They attend a service at the church with Jason and sit down with Lafayette, and new Bon Temps Mayor Sam explains they are trying to set up a monogamous donor relationship between uninfected vampires and humans, food in exchange for that vampire's protection, to keep everyone safe. 

That night, there's a social/mixer at Beffefleur's Bar and Grill (now owned by Arlene) to connect vampires and humans. Sookie and Alcide attend for about an hour and are on their way out when Bill sees them in the parking lot. He asks Sookie if she found a vampire to protect her, and Alcide says he's up to the task. Bill counters that it's not enough, as Sookie needs to be kept safe above everyone else. Then, Bill and Alcide both smell a large group of infected vampires approaching.

What Next?

That's everything you need to know about these two characters' season 6 experiences. And now that Hep V is sweeping the nation and the government has left everyone on their own, what do you expect to happen to them in the final season? Who will die? Who will end up with whom? And will anyone make it out alive?

Tune in to the season 7 premiere of True Blood on Sunday, June 22 at 9pm on HBO to find out!

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