'True Blood' Beginnings: Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Hamby
'True Blood' Beginnings: Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Hamby
Bill King
Bill King
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As the premiere date of True Blood's sixth season draws closer, you may find yourself wondering what the heck else could happen to these characters? It's getting to a 24-esque realm where you think, seriously, how many bad days can Jack Bauer have? So just to catch you up on all the ridiculousness that has transpired during the first five wonderful seasons, we're recapping the astounding journeys taken by nine main characters in a series called True Blood: Beginnings. Up next is Jessica Hamby, Bill Compton's vampire progeny.

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Jessica first appeared midway through season 1, and she has since blossomed from an immature teenager to a sexy vamp vixen who frequently rocks naughty lingerie and goes after who and what she wants. But she wouldn't even be if not for Bill's actions at Fangtasia earlier in the season. He killed the vampire bartender Longshadow after he attacked Sookie because she discovered he was stealing from the bar. The punishment for staking a vampire is usually the true death, but Bill is instead sentenced to create another vampire, and Jessica 2.0 is born.

Jessica Hamby's Rebirth

Jess was a church-going youth group member who just happened to be out that night for her first party. Bill bites her, digs a grave and buries himself next to her for the night, but she comes up screaming, asking for help. At first, she's distraught over not being able to go home, but once she realizes no more homeschooling, belts, clarinets or rules, she's thrilled.

She instantly becomes a pouty brat, thinking she can kill anyone she wants, whining, complaining about Tru Blood and calling Bill the worst maker ever. He pawns her off to Eric, who bosses her effectively, but eventually returns her to Bill for being too out of control.

When Sookie tries to bond with her, Jessica convinces her to help pay a visit to her old family. She then attacks her father when he yells at her for disappearing and threatens to kill him for all the times he beat her. Bill cleans up Sookie's mess by glamouring everyone. Soon after that, Jessica meets Hoyt, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other. Bill and Sookie walk in on them making out, Bill tosses Hoyt out and Jessica whines some more, so they decide to bring her with them to Dallas as they search for Godric inside the Fellowship of the Sun.

You Can't Stake "True" Love

As soon as they reach the vampire hotel in Dallas, Bill reprimands Jessica for ordering a human off the menu. So she calls Hoyt and they talk all night. He drives all the way to Dallas to be with her, and they both divulge that they're virgins and decide to be each other's first. Unfortunately, they realize during round two that Jessica's lady parts have healed, meaning (dun dun DUNNNN) she'll be a virgin forever. So no matter how many times they do it, Jessica's cherry will always be, uh, flowered, which is clearly every teen's worst nightmare. But Hoyt doesn't care, and their love flourishes.  

She meets Hoyt's mom, cries bloody tears after Maxine Fortenberry is mean to her, then bites Maxine during continued taunting while under Maryann's spell. That prompts Hoyt to chastise her and leave. She tells Bill she's going to apologize, but instead she heads to a gas station and feeds on an unsuspecting truck driver. Ahhh, kids!

The First Bite is (Accidentally) the Deepest

Jessica drinks a little too much and kills the truck driver, so she stashes the body in Bill's basement while she figures out what to do amid the horrific stench. Thankfully for her, he's been kidnapped and isn't at home. Sookie asks for help finding him, so the pair takes a trip to Fangtasia where Jessica probes Pam about vampire life and how to properly feed and dispose of bodies. She considers buying a chainsaw, but when she returns from a trip to the store, the body is gone (stolen by the vampire Franklin, who was in the house searching for a file on Sookie). 

Sam hires her as a hostess at Merlotte's, where she runs into a former classmate who recognizes her. He becomes her first glamour, and she finds enjoyment in the work and in her skill at making humans do what she wants. She even gets on Arlene's good side by glamouring an unruly customer into finishing up and leaving a huge tip. Then Jessica lures the customer into the ladies' room, where she feeds off her. 

Don't Turn Around ('Cause You're Gonna See My Heart Not Beating)

After Bill is rescued from Russell's mansion and reunited with Jessica, she admits that she missed him. He lashes out, saying he can't take care of her and releasing her as his progeny. She is steadfast in not leaving, and she begins to sob, saying she doesn't want to be alone.

He comforts her, and they bond about their failing relationships (as a starved Bill has just attacked Sookie in the back of a van). He teaches her how to spar, and she uses her newfound skills on werewolves at Sookie's house. She chases them outside, where Russell catches and bites her, only letting her go when Bill insults him. She runs off, chased by another werewolf that she kills while covered in blood in full sight of Hoyt.

Hoyt later admits he still loves her, but Tommy gets in the way by trying to kiss Jessica. She rejects him, Hoyt punches him, and then he attacks Hoyt while in pit bull form. Jessica comes to his rescue and forces him to drink her blood to heal his injuries. And just like that, the couple is back together again. After she admits she'll never stop drinking blood, Hoyt offers his own and she chows down.
Home Is Where the Heart Is

Hoyt and Jessica move in together, but they're having some domestic troubles. They fight over human food vs. blood, and Jessica has urges she can't control. Pam tells her not to resist her vampire "hunter" nature, but she insists she loves Hoyt. After he gets pummeled in a fight while defending her honor (and she can't step in because someone is recording it with a cell phone camera) and refuses her blood, she flees back to Fangtasia and feasts on a handsome fangbanger in the bathroom. She feels guilty and confesses to Hoyt, who is angry, so she glamours him and he forgets anything happened.

Later, Hoyt and Jessica stumble across Jason after he was gang-raped by the werepanthers (yup, you read that right), and she feeds him her blood to save his life. But, uh oh, now she's got a special connection with a sexpot too. Hoyt thanks her for saving his best friend and tries to kiss her, but she's cold in a human way, not just a vampire way. 

The Sun! Mom! We Want It Now!

All the vampires have to chain themselves down before dawn, since Marnie/Antonia's spell will make them walk outside during daylight hours. Jessica escapes her silver, kills a guard, steals his keys and crawls out into the sun. She's about to (literally) melt when Jason saves her, kisses her and carries her back to a crying Bill. Then she breaks up with a distraught Hoyt, who says he deserves someone better who can have children and won't be a lousy virgin for the rest of her (thousands of years-long) life. He rescinds his invitation, and out she goes.
She heads right to Jason's and tells him she and Hoyt are done, which upsets him because Hoyt is his best friend. So he also takes back his invitation, and poor Jessica can't stop uncontrollably flying out of houses. 

He brings her a box filled with her things, from Hoyt, and she invites him inside. He says it's probably not a good idea, so they have sex in the back of his pickup truck instead. Cause it's not wrong if it's not in the house. Jason then tells her to glamour his guilt away, but she refuses.

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A Moon Goddess Battle and More Vampire Love

Jessica joins up with Bill, Eric and Pam in their assault on the Moon Goddess Emporium, where Marnie/Antonia is barricaded with all the witches. They're about to blow it up, even though Lafayette, Sookie, Tara and Holly are among those inside, but a force field protects them. 

While fighting with Marnie/Antonia-controlled vampires outside, Pam fires a rocket into the force field that severely burns Jason, and Jessica is forced to save him again with her blood. After the battle is over, they admit they can't stop thinking about each other and bang again. She says she doesn't want to be his girlfriend because she doesn't want to hurt him, so they agree to keep it totally caj.

Rescues and Parties

Jessica senses Jason is in trouble and rescues him from the clutches of newly-outed gay vampire American Steve Newlin, and they do the nasty again. Then she throws a party with a bunch of college kids, complete with Guitar Hero, and Jason crashes, sees a frat guy hit on her and leaves with a chick named Cammy. At her next party, Steve Newlin shows up and offers her $10,000 for Jason. She declines and ridicules him, and he attacks her. But she's stronger, so she kicks out Steve and the rest of the party. 

While shopping, she meets a man whose smell she can't resist, and she tries to turn her lust into more Jason sex. But he refuses, saying he's had an epiphany and will no longer be treated as a piece of meat. She puts on sweats and promises they can be friends, then overhears Sookie confessing that she murdered Debbie after Tara was shot in the head and turned into a vampire. After Debbie's parents find out she's dead and call off the investigation, Andy refuses and Jessica glamours him into forgetting about the case.

Bonding and Bickering

Jessica and Bill search his office for listening devices, and he finds a marijuana roach in the couch. She admits to having people over, but promises that no one was eaten or drained, and he says she can take care of herself and that the weed is low quality. Whoa there, cool dad. She reaffirms that Bill and Sookie are different than Sookie and anyone else, and he proclaims that he has done well as a maker. 

Jessica also bonds with Tara at Fangtasia about the struggles of being a newly-turned vampire and how to control urges. She tells Tara she should really look forward to feeding on human while having sex with them because that, well, that feeling is just amazing. But the sentiment doesn't last very long after Tara feeds on Hoyt in the bathroom, all while Jess is drinking a chick in the next stall over. As soon as Hoyt is distressed, Jessica jumps in and a bathroom brawl ensues until Pam breaks it up.

Jessica has to deal with more pathetic behavior from Hoyt, who again professes his love. Later, Jason stops by while she's feeding on some dude and tells her he just found out his parents were killed by a vampire. They kiss, he tastes blood and gets angry, she bites him, he shoots her in the head, everyone heals and they angrily part company.
Abduction and Redemption

Jessica leaves Fantasia with a stranger, who kidnaps her and takes her a remote compound where Hoyt is hanging out with some new redneck buddies. They offer Hoyt the chance to kill her for revenge, but he can't because he still loves her. He asks why she stopped, and she said she didn't want to and even prayed that the feelings would return, but they never did. He fires a shot into the air, and when the guard comes in to see what Hoyt's done, Jessica snaps his neck. Sam, Luna and Andy take care of the rest of the folks at the compound.

Later, Hoyt summons Jason and Jessica to Merlotte's, where he tells them his intention to move to Alaska to work on an oil rig. His final request is that she glamour away any memory he has of either her or Jason, so he can make a fresh start. They are both devastated by the finality of his request, but Jessica obliges him and tenderly imbues with him hope for a carefree life and a new, better first love. 

Bill Goes All "Lilith"

Bill summons Jessica to the Authority Headquarters, where she finds him increasingly religious and questions his fervor. She compares him to her fundamentalist Christian parents, and he implores her to read the vampire bible with an open mind because he believes he is fated to lead their kind into the coming age. Since Russell and Steve are now after Jason, she tricks Bill into letting her leave (with guards) so she can turn him into a vampire and they can be together. She asks Jason to trust her, violently bites him and then has him shoot the two guards with wooden bullets while they are being buried together. She tells Jason if she has to spend eternity with anyone, she wants it to be him.

Jessica pleads for asylum at Fangtasia, and Pam refuses before Jessica says she knows where Bill and Eric are hiding. She patches things up with Tara before she and Pam are captured and taken back to the Authority. There, Bill again tries to convince her to follow Lilith. She calls him crazy, and he slaps her across the room. 

The recently-escaped Eric and Nora team up with Sookie, Jason and Tara and storm the facility, killing everyone. Jessica is ecstatic to see Jason again and professes her love, but he rejects her because she is a vampire. Bill drinks Lilith's blood, turns into a demon and sends them all fleeing. Eric, Sookie, Jason, Tara, Nora, Pam and Jessica ride up the elevator, ready to fight their way out of Authority Headquarters.

What's Next for Jessica?

With Hoyt out of the picture and Jason seemingly rejecting her, it's anyone's guess what is in store for Jessica in season 6. My only prediction is that she'll be naked a lot and probably have a lot of sex, which is really all that is required of her. I'm sure she'll continue to grow into an even stronger vampire (and woman!) who will be even more valuable to Bill than in seasons past. And he probably needs the help more, since he's a raving demonic undead lunatic. What challenges do you foresee for Jessica? Do you hope she ends up with Jason? 

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True Blood season 6 premieres June 16 at 9 pm on HBO.

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