'True Blood' Beginnings: Everything You Need to Know About Alcide Herveaux
'True Blood' Beginnings: Everything You Need to Know About Alcide Herveaux
Bill King
Bill King
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As the premiere date of True Blood season 6 draws closer, you may find yourself wondering what the heck else could happen to these characters? It's getting to a 24-esk realm, where you think, seriously, how many bad days can Jack Bauer have? So just to catch you up on all the ridiculousness that has transpired during the first five wonderful seasons, we're recapping the astounding journeys taken by nine main characters in a series called True Blood: Beginnings. Kicking things off is Alcide Herveaux, werewolf extraordinaire.

Alcide first appeared in season 3, after Bill was kidnapped by Russell Edgington and his gang of vampire blood-fueled werewolves. As Sookie continued to dig for clues in her search for then-fiance Bill, she was attacked by a werewolf in her home. Though she and Eric managed to kill the wolf (but not before Sookie read his mind of the single word "Jackson"), Eric decided she was in too much danger to be left alone. Thus, he sent another werewolf to protect her, all while she plotted a trip to Mississippi.

Season 3

Sookie is continuing the never-ending job of cleaning her wrecked house after the wolf attack when a large bearded man appears, frightening her until he identifies himself as Alcide. He explains over tea that a dangerous gang of werewolves have taken root in Jackson, and his girlfriend Debbie Pelt recently left him for its leader, Coot. 

Alcide and Sookie head to Jackson and a werewolf bar called Lou Pine's, where she manages to pick up a lead on Bill from the thoughts of a biker named Gus. But when Gus tries to rape Sookie, Alcide jumps in and rescues her. She tends to wounds and asks about Debbie, and he says his sister Janice still hears from her. They are interrupted when Bill calls Sookie and dumps her over the phone, because he's just had sex with Lorena, his maker. Alcide suggests that perhaps she doesn't know Bill as well as she thought she did, and the first sparks of romance between them are born. 

Still, Sookie insists that she will still look for Bill, because she wants to get dumped face to face. She asks Alcide to take her to Debbie and Cooter's engagement party back at the bar, which sounds like a terrible idea to Alcide, who doesn't want to have to fight again. Sookie calls Janice and has her come over to give her a trampy Lou Pine makeover, and she reads Janice's thoughts to learn that Debbie is actually being initiated that night and is addicted to V. 

Alcide returns home to find Sookie dressed like a biker chick. After she shares what she's learned, Alcide agrees to join Sookie at the bar, but he doesn't think they should walk in together. Sookie starts pounding shots before being accosted by Debbie, and Alcide again comes to her aid. Debbie tells him she's never been happier and that he should stay and watch so he'll understand and leave her and Coot alone.

Debbie is hoisted above the pack, taken towards the stage and branded in the middle of her back with the pack symbol. Russell appears on stage, produces his fangs and bites into his own arm, letting the blood drip into several dozen shot glasses for the wolves before leaving them to celebrate.

Coot takes the stage and assumes his wolf form, and the rest of the bar starts to howl and transform. Alcide yells at Sookie that it's about time to leave. After all that madness, Sookie is eventually captured by Russell and Coot and brought to Russell's mansion, where he is also holding Tara hostage after she was kidnapped by the vampire Franklin.

As Alcide pays a visit to the mansion, in wolf form, to save the day yet again, he runs into Tara, who has escaped and freed Sookie. But Sookie insisted on rescuing Bill first, so she is still inside. Tara and Alcide go back for her, and they find the recently-staked Lorena and a horribly tortured Bill. 

Sookie refuses to leave without him, so they wrap Bill up for daytime transport. Of course, that's when Debbie shows up with a revolver. Sookie creates a distraction, Tara tackles Debbie, Alcide recovers the gun, Coot enters and charges Alcide, who shoots him in the head. Debbie flips out and goes after Alcide, who locks her in the basement. 

After a starving and crazed Bill attacks Sookie in the getaway van and drains her a bit too much, Alcide sits with Sookie through the night. But then he finds out that Debbie and the other wolves torched Janice's salon, so he must go. He asks Sookie to go with him, but she says if she needs protection, Bill will provide it. They share a tender moment, saying that if they knew what was good for them, they'd just have fallen in love with someone like the other. 

Then Alcide disappears for awhile, finally resurfacing after Russell is caught. He tells Sookie that Debbie is missing and that he's been thinking about her a lot. He drops Bill, Eric and Russell off at one of his construction sites, where they bury Russell in concrete. His family debts to Eric are now cleared.

Season 4

Alcide gets back together and moves in with a newly sober Debbie in Shreveport, but Sookie needs him again after finding Eric wiped of his memory. He shifts into wolf form to track Eric, who they find in a nearby swamp enjoying the daylight (he has drained a fairy and thus can stand the sun for a brief period). 

After helping Sookie get the now-smoldering Eric back inside, Shreveport packmaster Marcus Bozeman pays him a visit, angry that Alcide hasn't registered with the pack. He refuses, but then Debbie joins behind his back. She forces Alcide to run with the pack during the full moon, and Marcus anoints both of them with deer blood as an initiation ritual. Debbie is thrilled, but Alcide remains reluctant to join in and sits away from the pack. 

They later stumble upon a moaning Eric and Sookie, fresh off some woods sex, and Debbie picks up on the fact that Alcide is depressed by the sight. During their own sex later, Debbie asks if he's thinking about Sookie, but he denies it and reassures her. 

Meanwhile, Marcus wants nothing to do with the brewing vampire-witch war (after Marnie/Antonia casts a spell that makes vampires walk into the daylight), and he forbids any of his followers to get involved. Alcide agrees with this sentiment, and Debbie takes the opportunity to make him promise to stay away from Sookie. 

But of course that can't last, as Alcide comes to Sookie's aid after she is wounded during supernatural brawl. He carries her away from the battlefield, while Debbie sneaks behind in wolf form. 

Bill intercepts Alcide and Sookie takes them to her house, where he feeds her blood in an effort to save her life. When she wakes up, she immediately asks about Eric, ignoring Alcide and the role he played in saving her. He gets frustrated and angrily leaves her home. Debbie pretends to be asleep when he arrives and then, angry over his broken promise, goes back to using V.

Alcide focuses his energy on the pack and decides to move up in the ranks, serving as muscle. But Marcus' ex-wife Luna is involved with Sam, and the tension between them is growing. Tommy, skinwalking as Sam, pays a visit to Marcus and makes comments about Luna. The pack members viciously beat Tommy, only stopping when Alcide forces them to. Tommy shifts back to himself, and Alcide carries him back to Merlotte's. Sam wants to give him V to save him, but Alcide says Tommy has a right to choose his own time. 

Sam, on a mission for vengeance, eventually squares off with Marcus, who had kidnapped his and Luna's daughter and was making moves on Debbie. As a defeated Marcus reaches for a gun, Alcide steps in (yet again!) and breaks his neck. He breaks up with a half-naked Debbie, goes to Sookie and tells her to see things clearly. She tells him she can't change who she loves, and he tells her to try harder. 

Alcide then discovers the Russell Edgington has escaped from his concrete burial and is back on the loose. 

Season 5

Alcide warns Sookie, who unbeknownst to him has just killed Debbie with a shotgun blast to the face, and asks her to come with him. But Lafayette kicks him out, saying they are done with supernatural kind (even though they both have powers themselves). He tells Sookie she knows where to find him and then goes off to warn Eric about Russell.

The Shreveport pack is about to kill Sam for murdering Marcus, until Alcide arrives with Luna and claims responsibility. Two wolves bow to him and declare him the new pack leader, until the older J.D. says he will never acknowledge Alcide as his master. They all start to eat Marcus' corpse, but Alcide declines, saying he wants no part of being packmaster. Marcus' mother and J.D.'s wife Martha says it is Alcide's obligation, but he doesn't care about the laws and tells them to find someone else.

Debbie's parents show up in town looking for their daughter, and Alcide tells them she went back on V and cheated on him with Marcus. He says she's probably off with some vampire, but they're concerned because they found her car abandoned with her purse and money inside. Sookie eventually comes clean with him, saying she killed Debbie after she shot Tara, who is now a vampire. 

He is naturally angry, and yells about having Sookie's back since day one and yet she lied to his face. She responds by asking if he plans on telling anyone, and he leaves angrily. He returns to Debbie's parents and tells them she is dead, but claims she was killed by Marcus. At first, Debbie's dad flares some wolf eyes and prepares to attack, but eventually they just tell Alcide to leave.


He goes right back to Sookie, explaining that he covered for her, and she invites him in for a drink. After some flirting, a drunk Sookie straddles him and says he'd do anything for her. Kissing FINALLY ensues, and things get hot and heavy as Alcide carries her to the bedroom. After her shirt comes off, he admits he's been waiting a long time for this. Then she throws up all over his shoes. 

Bill and Eric show up to truly ruin the moment further, and they all set out to once again find Russell Edgington. Using Sookie to read the mind of a glamoured construction employee, they trace him to an abandoned asylum. They find drained humans and severed limbs, leading them to believe they're in the right spot. They find a fully recovered Russell, and a fight ensues. But before he can transform, Alcide is dragged away by a wolf he later identifies as J.D., who fled after Eric and Bill killed the wolves attacking them and secured Russell. 

A responding chancellor orders that Sookie and Alcide be glamoured, unaware that Sookie is immune. Eric does the job on Alcide, telling him that he'll remember nothing of the evening, but will always protect Sookie with his life. He will also have no more romantic attraction to her, and will actually find her a bit disgusting. Alcide drives Sookie home, unaware of how they go there, until Sookie gives him back his memories the next morning. 

When Alcide remembers that J.D. had attacked him, he storms back to the Shreveport pack and tries to assert his role as packmaster to prevent the V-juicing J.D. from bringing down the entire group. But J.D. is already packmaster, so Alcide has to officially challenge him. Rikki stands up to back Alcide, who leaves saying, "Just tell me a time and a place."

Alcide and Rikki train for the fight, and Alcide admits he is prepared to lose. Rikki suggests leveling the field with V, but Alcide rejects the idea. Martha walks in on them kissing and tells them J.D. denies using vampire blood and that it's his turn to be the leader. Meanwhile, J.D. assembles the pack and introduces them to Russell, who foretold the end of days. He advises them to ally with vampires and challenges them to prove their acceptance by drinking his blood. 

Luna's and Marcus' daughter Emma, now in Martha's care after it was revealed she is a were cub, is scared, but J.D. gives her V anyway. Martha returns, sees it and takes Emma away. 

Alcide and Rikki have sex, and then it's time for the showdown. J.D.'s plan is for them to hunt for a local track star, and Alcide forfeits to save the boy's life. But J.D. wants to hunt him anyway, so Alcide gives chase. They fight in the woods, and J.D. is about to kill Alcide when Martha convinces him otherwise. He spares his life, but tells Alcide to find another pack.

Alcide drives back to Jackson, where he recalls being taught the importance of the pack by his father when he is a teenager. He arrives at his father's trailer and tells him he lost the packmaster challenge and is now a lone wolf, and his dad laments that Alcide is just like his old man. While they sit around drinking beer, an old packmate stops by to warn them that baby vampire packs are on the loose. Alcide confronts his father about stealing money from the pack, which led to him being forced out. 

Later, Alcide and his father defend their neighbors from a trio of young vampires, destroying two and driving away the third. Martha shows up with Rikki, who has been forced to drink a massive amount of vampire blood for aiding Alcide. They give her a silver remedy that forces the blood out, and then they nurse her back to health. Alcide is determined to fight J.D. again and oust him as packmaster, and his father suggests it might be time for a stash of high-quality V. 

While the Shreveport pack tortures a captured vampire and drain his blood, Alcide, his father and Martha confront them. J.D. tells Alcide he is no longer a member of the pack, but Alcide attacks and beats him to death while the wolves look on in horror. With J.D. dead, Alcide pronounces himself the new packmaster and lays down the law to his subjects. 

What's Next?

Now that Alcide is officially in charge of the pack, he is responsible for the well-being of a lot more people than just himself. Still, with Lilith-Bill on the loose and some vampire dude named Warlow chasing after Sookie, you can bet he won't stay focused for long. What do you think will happen with Alcide this season? 

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