'True Beauty' Recap: The Stealing Challenge
'True Beauty' Recap: The Stealing Challenge
You know the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, not if you're one of the contestants on ABC's True Beauty. With more then fifty hidden cameras in their lush Planet Hollywood digs and even more cameras covering the morality traps set up by the show, these ten contestants are about to have everything they do in Vegas revealed on national TV and it's not going to be pretty. It's a new season of True Beauty and already one good looker is on his way home.


The episode begins with new hosts Beth Stern and Carson Kressley joining secret host Vanessa Minillo in the spy room. From here, they can eavesdrop on the contestants both in their new home and while they're out on their weekly challenge. From there, it's off to the "Face of Vegas" runway where we get a first look at the ten contestants and they get a good look at each other.

First up is former teen beauty queen Regina, whom Caron describes as "pageanty with a touch of stripper." Actor / model (never the other way around) Michael is up next with his white bread version of gangsta rap. Cuban model Liz says women hate her because she's beautiful and powerful and it really sucks. But what can you do? Taylor is a former pro athlete who loves to party and Erika's big claim is that she's never had any plastic surgery. . . on her face.

JD, aka Mr. Fantastic, hits the stage next and it looks like he's had way too much sugar. Carson snidely remarks that 'he's already working my last gay nerve' and that's saying something. Up next is dancer Michelle, whose only memorable asset is her ample booty. David's up next. He's an astrologer with hair that could pick up signals from Mars. Amy barely cracks a smile, which is probably because she's afraid of getting wrinkles. Craig is the last one out and he's the only one that works the crowd while in his voice-over he talks about how much he enjoys seeing himself naked. 


Yeah, it's going to be tough finding a True Beauty in this crowd.

After the runway, it's time to check out their new digs at Planet Hollywood. There's the usual squabbling over who gets which bed, but overall, they're very well behaved as reality show roommates go. Still, it's only day one.

To Steal or Not To Steal. . .

In the morning, the ten are given their first challenge. They must create an iconic Vegas look for themselves on a budget of only $200. And yes, Amy, that includes shoes. What they don't know is that their stylist Paige is going to encourage each of them to steal an item from the store in order to enhance their costume.

-- Michelle goes for a pin-up girl look and is encourage to steal a $40 flower for her hair. She wants it, but she says no. PASS

-- Amy goes for scandalous Vegas bride. She's encouraged to steal a glitzy $200 top. She thinks it over then but says no. PASS


-- Craig goes for Vegas cowboy but he has to cut out a $76 vest which he ends up stealing without a second thought. FAIL

-- Taylor dresses like a rocker but he easily says no to stealing a pair of cool shades. PASS

-- Regina wants to dress like Lady Luck and she wasn't swayed by the offer of a feather boa. PASS

-- Erika channels her inner Marilyn and she runs for it instead of giving in to a pair of stolen red shoes. PASS

-- Michael goes with a Vegas pimp outfit. He stays in character by gladly accepting a stolen shirt. FAIL

-- David does Elvis and he stays true to the king by turning down a stolen scarf. PASS

-- JD, for some bizarre reason, decides to be an ugly drag queen. Ugly is as ugly does, and he steals then looks around to make sure no one was watching. FAIL

-- Liz just wants to show off her body and she hates everything except for a glitzy go-go getup that's outside her budget. So she opts to steal it. FAIL

Judgment Day

Now here's the part I don't understand. The ten beauties had to stand in a glass case on the Vegas strip collecting faux coins from passer-bys. The person who collected the most coins won the challenge and the two with the lowest number of coins had to face the judges. Not surprisingly, it was Liz who won since she was dressed in next to nothing and spent the whole time shaking what God gave her. But she stole the outfit! A couple of the other girls even suspected her of stealing and still she won?

JD and David ended up with the lowest number of votes, so it should have been an easy pick since JD stole and David didn't. But just to confuse things all the more, we saw one more piece of hidden camera footage. Both boys were stopped on their way into the store by a woman who needed help untangling her dog's leash from a sign. JD gladly stopped to help but David rudely pushed past and did nothing. Did that sway the judges? Nope. In the end, they sent JD packing. 


In the final moments of the reveal, it was clear that they made the right choice. When confronted with evidence of his thieving ways, JD said nothing but in his final voice-over he declared his indignation saying he deserved to be "The Face of Vegas." Clueless, pal. Absolutely clueless.

What did you think of this week's episode of True Beauty? Did the right guy go home? And which of the remaining contestants do you think has it in them to go all the way?