'True Beauty' Recap: Find the Ring
'True Beauty' Recap: Find the Ring

It was a very revealing night on True Beauty, as the contestants had to pose for a nude photo shoot with only food to cover up the naughty bits. But before that, they had to show their inner beauty in a test that had the compassionate players digging through garbage in order to help a lady in need.

The episode was called "Find the Ring," and nearly half the contestants failed the test. The set up involved a woman who claimed to have lost her engagement ring in a trashcan, but not just any trash can. This was a kitchen so the trash was full of yucky food garbage but Amy, Erika, Michelle and Taylor didn't let that stop them from digging right in. Craig, Liz and David all ignored the woman's pleas for help and David made it even worse by bragging about his lack of compassion to the other contestants.

I'm actually surprised that they didn't think anything was up when all seven of them said there was a woman looking for her lost engagement ring while they were in the room. A few of them, sure, but it had to take at least an hour to run all seven of them through the drill, so how could they believe that the woman was searching all that time?

The girls got all over David for refusing to help, but according to his rationalization, helping the woman find the ring might have lost him the competition. Well, he was sort of right, only it was the other way around. Not helping her worked against him when he landed in the bottom two thanks to an embarrassing ad campaign.

David had to pose with fruit and he was adamant that he wanted a peeled banana to represent his manly part in the photo shoot. It was kind of funny but it wasn't as bad as Craig and his crab ad which suggested that you might need "protection" before eating at the Planet Hollywood buffet. Not the image I want to have in my head when I'm choosing a place to eat.

Craig joined David in the bottom two and he almost lost it all when he refused to take a photo of a couple of tourists outside the hotel. David agreed to do it, but it seemed like he did it in order to show off his great skills as a photographer, not because he had any compassion for the couple. In the end, it was David's overall poor attitude that got him cut from the competition, which is funny he says, because in real life he's a spiritual leader. And that, my fine readers, is what you call karma.

Come back tomorrow when I'll have more food for thought regarding tonight's episode of True Beauty.