'True Beauty' Food for Thought

This week on True Beauty the contestants had to design an ad campaign for the buffet at Planet Hollywood. They had to come up with a slogan and then pose nude with nothing but food covering their private parts. How did they do? Let's just say that it's a good thing some of them have their beauty to fall back on because Mad Men, they're not.


Food: Sushi

Slogan: Spice Market Buffet: Add Some Wasabi to Your Night

Result: I think he was going for some kind of play on words, but i don't get it. His photo, which featured sushi over his groin showed off his sculpted body but his face was turned away from camera. If there's one thing I've learned from Tyra is that you to smize for the camera if you want a good shot.



Food: Pastries

Slogan: Make Your Life Sweeter with a Little Bit of Brown Sugar

Result: Liz laid on her stomach with a row of pastries blocking her lady parts and icing dripping over her thigh and shoulder. It's a pretty sexy pic, even though the judges complained about her hiding her body. My problem is with the slogan. It sounds like she's selling Liz instead of the buffet.



Food: Crabs (live ones, too!)

Slogan: You Never Know When You Might Run into Crabs. . .Get Protection (or something like that, the font is impossible to read.)

Result: He couldn't have gone more wrong. First off, crabs in his crotch wasn't really his fault. He had to cover up and it was the only item available to him. But the slogan reads like a condom ad. Not the visual I want when going out to eat.



Food: Vegetables

Slogan: Get Healthy.  .  . Leave Vegas Wealthy

Result: This ad was really cute. She posed sitting up with lettuce covering her parts and that could look like a fan of money won at the casino. I thought she should have won the challenge.



Food: Fruit

Slogan: So FRESH, RIPE and JUICY. You have to experience the PEELING

Result: It's all about the banana, and the placement of said fruit. Personally, I thought Craig's crab poster was worse than this, it is Vegas after all, so naughty works. He took a risk but it backfired on him and sent him into the bottom two.



Food: Ice Cream

Slogan: Sticky Sweet Sinful Treat. . .  INDULGE

Result: Erika came off like a naughty little pin-up girl in this photo with the demure pose and a body covered in whip cream. A couple of carefully placed cherries completed the visual but none of that says sticky treat to me. That would have been better for the pastries. Still, she managed to pull out a win for this poster. I think the judges got it wrong.



Food: Pasta

Slogan: Carbs Never Looked So Good

Result: Yikes! The slogan is cute and pasta was a tough one because it doesn't show up well on camera. Mostly she used a loaf of bread to cover her chest which brings your eye right to her face and geez, doesn't she know how to smile? Amy kept complaining that the photo made her look fat. Seriously? No sympathy here, girlfriend. I say bottom two, but the judges give her a pass.


What did you think? Did the judges get it right or would you have chosen a different winner and a different bottom two?