'True Beauty' 2: Videos and Preview of Premiere 'The Stealing Challenge'
'True Beauty' 2: Videos and Preview of Premiere 'The Stealing Challenge'
We're looking past the surface with another round of True Beauty, premiering its second season tonight on ABC. The hidden cameras are back, and so are the lying, cheating, individuals they focus on. But among these notorious contestants, there's bound to be one who's beautiful in and out. Hopefully, anyway.

Meet the Contestants of True Beauty Season 2

Tonight on "The Stealing Challenge," we're introduced to the ten people who believe they've been chosen as contenders in The Face of Vegas. Of course this is all a ruse, and they're being watched not for their looks but for their attitude.

The first installment has them working with stylists and shopping around with a $200 budget. They're given 30 minutes to create a signature Vegas look, but there's a twist as usual. Each player is tested on honesty, as they're all given an opportunity to steal an item out of their allotted cash.

When it's all to get an edge in the competition, we'll see just how far these contestants will go. If the videos below are any indication, it looks like they'll stop at nothing to win this thing. Too bad it's a different game they're playing entirely.

On this first clip, egos will clash as the contestants flatter themselves constantly on their looks. Definitely not something the judges would commend.

Speaking of judges, we have Carson Kressley joining the panel on True Beauty. He's also doing a series of webisodes called "My Las Vegas," where he takes audiences on his favorite spots in the city. Beth Stern is also helping out, picking out who really has what it takes to be deemed beautiful, entirely.

Here's another video, featuring shots from tonight's episode, "The Stealing Challenge."

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Will they stoop to stealing to win (or lose, really) the competition? Don't miss the premiere of True Beauty's second season, airing at 10pm tonight on ABC.

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