Top 5 Interview Tips from 'True Beauty'

This week on True Beauty, the contestants were tasked with interviewing tourists on the street in Las Vegas. They had five questions written on a card, so all they had to do was pick a person, read and respond.

Not as easy as it looks. Here are the Top 5 Interview Tips you can learn from watching "Grace Under Pressure."

1. If you can't read what's on your card, have the interviewee read it for you. Surely they'll know how to pronounce cacophony, even if you can't. (Michelle)

2. If an interviewee gives a boring answer, jump up and down and make a fool of yourself in order to draw attention away from them and on to yourself. Besides, you're better looking, so why not hog the camera? (Erika)

3. If the person you're interviewing doesn't speak English, simply agree with whatever they said and give them a high-five. Chances are if you didn't understand them, no one else will either, so it's okay. (Erika)

4. When it comes to red carpet style, Vanilla Ice with a spray tan is a good look to go for. It certainly will get you noticed and it may take everyone's mind off the fact that you can't pronounce the questions. (David)

5. The most important thing to remember when conducting interviews is that if anyone says you look like you should climb back on your pole, you can always beat them up later in the parking garage. And hey, at least they didn't say you should climb back on your broom. (Regina)

Next week on True Beauty, the contestants will have to strip down for a photo shoot where they can only use food items to cover up as much as they deem necessary. In the good karma challenge, we'll see who is willing to dig through a disgusting can of garbage in order to help someone find a lost engagement ring.

(Image courtesy of ABC/SAMMY VASSILEV)