'Survivor' Recap: One Dysfunctional World!
'Survivor' Recap: One Dysfunctional World!
Well, I enjoyed seeing everything fall apart on this "Total Dysfunction" episode of Survivor tonight. Mostly, it fell apart for the girls' team though and I'd like to see them step it up and start winning some challenges. I'm really loving Colton, yes, the gay guy, on Survivor: One World. Michael, on the other hand, I'm not so crazy about so far ...


Michael, who went to "spy" on the women at Tribal Council and sees that no one else went home except the injured Kourtney, says he found that "annoying." Well, Michael, I find you annoying! It's just the beginning of the game - you don't have to be so aggressive like when you defended the men stealing the women's axe right on the very first (truck stripping) challenge! I wonder if there are any classy men on Survivor: One World. (Right now, I'm thinking Jay, the model, is, but maybe I'll end up eating those words.)

Man Up for the Challenges

There's an envelope and its got instructions for a Manono and Salani "Do-it-yourself Reward Challege" with ropes and rings to untangle. The prize is a tarp and castaways from both teams clap and cheer. The men win and I wonder if they're going to win everything ...

In tonight's Immunity Challenge, it's a lot of grabbing onto team mates trying to walk on a narrow pole over the water. The men win again! The women are not happy castaways. The women are told they have to go to Tribal Council tonight to vote out one person from their Salani Tribe.

"Colton is Like a Virus."

Sabrina, after returning Colton's lovey dovey attitude on the last episode of Survivor, as well as giving him the frickin' Immunity Idol, now tells the camera that Colton is virus-like since he's always there at the girls' camp. For his part, Colton says to the camera that he isn't working the game as much as he just doesn't belong with the guys. He loves the girls and needs to be there. The girls try to reason with him by saying they would be stupid to have him with them when he's on the other team. Yes, duh!

Still, I kinda feel sorry for Colton when he walks away from the girls in his aqua-colored polo shirt, all sad.

Me Colton, You Troyzan

But, Colton doesn't stay sad for long and I'm loving this! Colton, rejected by the girls, goes right to Troyzan (not to be confused with Tarzan!) and shows him the Immunity Idol that Sabrina had given him. Troyzan is impressed - as am I! Colton gets called "smart" now and he really is as now he's getting the guys on his side without the girls being able to wrong him. After all, the girls ganged up and told Colton to just buzz off. Now, they're gonna get stung!

The Tribe has Spoken!

The girls bring up Kat's name as a contender to be voted off. Chelsea calls her one of the "weakest links." Nina gives it all she's got to get Kat voted out. Kat cries at Tribal Council when there's talk of her being voted out. It's not Kat, but Nina who's torch is now out. Yay! It's lights out for the deep-voiced complainer! I'm happy about that.

What do think of Nina being sent home tonight, Survivor fans?

Sheri Stirrs
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