BuddyTV Free Auctions: Win 'OITNB' Featured Story or DVD
BuddyTV Free Auctions: Win 'OITNB' Featured Story or DVD
Landon Beamer
Landon Beamer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Are you always looking for more information about Orange is the New Black or Trophy Wife? Or maybe you're a die-hard Matt Bomer fan and you need more information about his new film The Normal Heart? Fortunately, our most recent BuddyTV Free auctions are giving away an issue of Emmy Magazine which just covered all three of these exciting topics! Rest easy L.A. Law fans, we're also giving away the complete first season of this series if that's more your style. Want both prizes? If you have enough BuddyTV Tokens they can both be yours. Keep reading to find out how they can be yours - for free! 

What are BuddyTV Auctions?

The BuddyTV Free Auctions are a set of weekly and bi-weekly auctions where users can win all sorts of TV paraphernalia by being the highest bidder. It's as simple as logging in, going to the games tab and clicking auctions to see what's up for grabs. Bids are placed with Buddy Tokens which are only available to registered users on the BuddyTV website and again, completely free.

Currently Up for Auction

In the current weekly free auction you can win the Emmy Magazine which features in-depth stories on Orange is the New Black, The Normal Heart, Trophy Wife and more. Each article includes cast photos and quotes. It is Issue No. 3, 2014. 

In the current bi-weekly free auction you can win the complete first season of L.A. Law on DVD. This set contains the entire 22-episode season in addition to several bonus features including cast interviews with Steven Bochco and more. 

The weekly free auction will be ending on June 9 at 7:00pm PST

The bi-weekly free auction will be ending on June 9 at 7:00pm PST

Both free auctions can be found at the BuddyTV Auctions Page >>>

So now you're probably wondering how you acquire Buddy Tokens, well it's easy and there are several ways to do it: 

  • Creating an account and/or logging in to your BuddyTV account earns you tokens
  • Reading articles (50 tokens)
  • Viewing Slideshows  (50 tokens)
  • Leaving comments (50 tokens) 
  • Play trivia (10% of your trivia points)
  • Take personality quizzes (1,000 tokens) 
  • And much more!
Just about anything you do on the BuddyTV website will give you Buddy Tokens. For a full list of how to gain tokens check out the Buddy Tokens Guide. To see how many tokens you currently have click on your profile page or use the drop down in the upper right corner by your profile photo.

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